Florist recommendations?? Elgin/St.Charles/Schaumburg area

Hi! I'm looking for a florist with a 1k budget. Everybody I contact makes it seem like I need to up my budget which isn't in the cards right now. I don't need it to look extravagant, just romantic. Any suggestions are appreciated :)

Re: Florist recommendations?? Elgin/St.Charles/Schaumburg area

  • My daughter used Kim Dunlap with Kimberose Flowers.  She can and will work with any budget.  She is creative and talented and always up for new challenges.  I would highly recommend her!

    Rather than carry a typical bouquet, my daughter wanted flowers attached to clutch purses.  Kim had never done anything like it before, and she absolutely rose to the challenge (no pun intended).
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    $1k budget CAN be done, but it depends on WHAT you're expecting for your $1000k and you don't have your heart sent of some really expensive or out of season flowers.

    We had a very similar budget but were only in need of personal flowers centerpieces and a few other pieces for the escort card area and elsewhere. We used Bunches flower shop in Lincoln Park (I know they are not in your area but they may have reccos if they can't do your wedding) and they were FANTASTIC to work with--they had great, less expensive flower options for us based on some colors and photos we provided them with. They were able to take our budget and work backwards to tell us what exactly would work. We were thrilled.

    Good luck!

  • Wild Orchid, located in Maple Grove (VERY close to St. Charles) is wonderful to work with! And can work within any type of budget to give you what you are looking for :)
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