Venue Issues

I have emailed multiple venues to see their prices before my FI and I visit them. We have had many venues email back that were out of budget, but there is one venue in particular that will not get the hint. This venue is WAY out of our budget, but I get emails almost daily from them asking us to schedule, talk on the phone, etc. I had to block the number on my phone because they kept calling... The sad thing is I did not even email this venue directly.. this is another "sister" venue that is offered by the same company. I have declined multiple times, but this one lady in particular just is not getting the hint. I told her that is venue is not in our budget, and we just don't like the look of the venue. It is not us at all. Any other suggestions on how to deal with her/this venue? The sad thing is the "sister" venue I emailed originally looks like we could make it work with our budget and it is very beautiful, but I am seriously considering skipping the venue due to this one lady... Thoughts?

Re: Venue Issues

  • Call the venue you like and explain the issue you're having with their sister venue and that you would like to sign with them but if this is their form of operation it leave you with concern. I'm betting the annoying calls will stop and they will be more than accommodating.
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