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Destination Wedding and Marriage Licensing

Someone in the Customs and Traditions board directed me here to ask my question, hoping someone can help here! Thanks!




Re: Destination Wedding and Marriage Licensing

  • What's your question?
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  • Well that obviously didn't paste correctly.  Sorry! Here is the question!

    I am having a destination wedding in Aruba on 4/30/2015. How does the marriage licensing/civil ceremony work exactly? I want to make sure that my fiancee and I are officially and legally married when we return home after the wedding, and I'm not sure on what to do for that exactly.

  • I am not sure how it works for Aruba. Are you staying at a resort? The resort I am staying at had us mail them our birth certificates and we will be legally married in Jamaica. They will mail us our Marriage certificate within one to two months of returning.
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  • If you do a quick google search there is tons of information on how to obtain a marriage license in Aruba. I found this: And this: Aruba Marriage License Laws: Waiting period: all documents to be submitted at least one month prior (by courier) to the desired wedding date Apostille documentation from country of citizenship verifying neither party is currently married Civil marriages are performed in the salon of the historic City Hall building in downtown Oranjestad If you are staying at a resort, consult with the manager or wedding coordinator to help you make arrangements to secure your marriage license Aruba Marriage License Fee: US $80 during the week; US $200 Saturdays, holidays or after office hours Marriage booklet (certificate) US $20.00 or US $32.00 (price difference is based on better quality of one booklet) Identification Needed for an Aruba Marriage License : Copies of birth certificates with raised seal Proof of divorce or death certificate Must hold a valid passport and submit copies of pages showing relevant details Copies of passport pages of witnesses If you're staying at a resort, contact the wedding coordinator to help facilitate this. We got married on St. John and the wedding coordinator basically did everything, we just had to provide our info and sign/send in the necessary documents. Hopefully that helps? Good luck!
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  • We got married in St Lucia. Legal in the US but at the DMV in NC they didnt accept our out of the country certificate so they gave me a form to get notarized. Pain in the butt. The resort did all our paperwork and we paid ahead of time for the certificate. I faxed over our passport and birth certificate and info. When we got down there we signed some stuff and that was it. Ok, after the wedding you sign it in front of the person who married us.
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  • What was the form?  Just basically saying that you are married?  Did you get a marriage license with an English translation?  We are supposed to be getting the Dutch marriage certificate and one translated in English.
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    It was like your parents names. Where you lived at. Your name, new name. Where you worked at. It was dumb. I went to the bank showed my license and they notarized it. Didnt look it over or anything. They were like yea thats you. it was st lucia so it was in English. They gave us a copy and mailed one. Idk of its the same tho hadn't got it.
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