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Hello all! I was thinking of having a dessert buffet with brownies, cookies, French macarons, & mini pies. Maybe more or different desserts, but this is what my fiance likes & what we came up with so far. I was planning that everything would be small/bite-size or no bigger than the size of a mini cupcake. Does anyone have any idea how much of each type of dessert I should plan for per guest? Our guest count is between 120-130 guests if that information helps. Thank you!!

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  • The amount of desserts depends on how you are serving.  Is this dessert after a dinner or is your reception a dessert reception?  If it is a dessert reception, you may have to think about 5-8 pieces per person because people lose track of how much they eat as they are interacting with the other guests.  If it is dessert after a dinner you could probably get away with 2-3 pieces per person. Also, you might want to consider adding some fruit in there as well (not chocolate dipped). You did not mention wedding cake, but that also counts as a serving.
  • I wold say at least 6 pieces per person, more on brownies & chocolate chip cookies because those would probably be the most popular items.


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    We had petit fours, chocolate chip cookies, 3 different types of cupcakes and one small cake. People want to taste things, so I would say get at least 4 or 5 pp, depending on size.
  • As a guest with those options I would probably like to try one of each. I would probably count thay way.

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    I'd plan for 1 of each as well. If you have multiple flavors of macaroons, I'd plan for more of those.

    Also consider how long you plan on having the dessert table out- the longer it's out, the more people will eat. Also, is this instead of or in addition to cake?
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  • Thanks for the responses. We will be serving dinner and we are having cupcakes in lieu of cake. So we're already making sure our guests are satisfied.
  • We did a dessert buffet (with a full meal and cake), and I probably made about 8-10 pieces per person.  I had an assortment of homemade cookies, lemon bars, brownies, almond bars, a dum dum topiary and a couple of other things I can't remember right now, as well as a candy buffet.   We had a lot left over, but not a HUGE amount.   We put little to-go boxes near the dessert table.  We had about 130 guests.
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