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Disabled bride dress stress

Hi there I have found a gorgeous strapless beaded empire waist line with trumpet skirt and chapel train lace wedding dress and have my heart set on it. However I was born with Spina Bifida I have restricted movement in my right leg and limited feeling from the waist down. I find it difficult walking in floor length dresses as I often get my feet tangled in the material and I am now panicking that I am going to end up tripping on my Big Day? I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I could prevent my legs getting trapped in the material so I don't end up tripping?

Re: Disabled bride dress stress

  • Maybe you could have it hemmed a little higher, so that the material isn't so close to your feet?
  • This probably sounds odd but would a hoop skirt help? It would give you the fullness but without all or the tulle and stuff?

    You would likely need a great tailor but it could work?
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  • What about cutting a slit into it so one leg is free? I am wearing a long bridesmaid dress with a slit in it, and it's surprisingly easy to walk in. Slits aren't always slutty and ugly looking!
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  • I think a slip with a lot of structure could keep the fabric pushed away from your legs so you wouldn't tangle in it. I'd also probably ask a couple people to keep half an eye on your skirt and give you a heads up if it looks like you're getting tangled.
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