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Which dress should i say yes to?!

July 2015 wedding with a formal morning ceremony at the Paris and in suite reception at the MGM way later that day. These were my top 3 choices. I'm 99.9% which dress ill be putting a deposit  on but I thought it would be fun to get your ladies opinion too. I haven't even told bridesmaids which dress I'm going with yet. Thanks in advance Knotties :)

Re: Which dress should i say yes to?!

  • Are you planning on wearing the dress the whole day?  The first one looks like it may be a little heavy wandering around on the strip (if you're planning on leaving the suite to party on the strip).  They are all beautiful.
  • I guess that's the only concern. We are having a morning ceremony about 10:30. Then pictures til about 1:00. Lunch with just me and the boy at the Eiffel tower restaurant. Check in at the Mgm for the suite at 3. Have everything set up and have the reception start somewhere between 6 and 7. I know I can't spend all day in my dress I just don't know at what point I should change into something lighter.
  • I opted to go with a short dress so I could wear it all day. I know that's not for everyone, but I think a lot of people change into something shorter sooner or later. We are having our ceremony at 2, with an in-suite reception to follow then dinner. Then we will probably be in the casinos for the rest of the night with our guests. If I was paying that much for a dress, I wanted to be able to wear it the whole day. Keep in mind that if you have a train and you go take pictures on the strip, it's probably going to get gross if you have it unbustled. And it's going to be HOT in July. I think my favorite out of the 3 is the third. I also love 1 but I think you will not be comfortable in it, and have to change out of it sooner than the third one.
  • It's funny because I always thought I would do the short dress thing. It's such a fun sassy stress free option but the moment I started trying on dresses my inner 5 year old princess started gushing. We are taking pictures in and around the Paris property so I'm not to worried about strip dirt. It will be hot but we won't be outside too much. Thanks for your advice you brought up some great points!
  • That's funny - I started trying on long dresses and my inner 5 year old came out and said "this is too heavy and uncomfortable!"  haha  
    I think it all really depends on how long you plan on wearing it.  A lot of people are getting short dresses from Rent the Runway.  Maybe check them out for your wardrobe change! 
  • Yeah I was thinking of something super sequined and Vegas for the change. Rent the runway has some pretty good options for that.
  • I would agree I think the first one may be a bit heavy for July (even if you aren't outside much). I really like the 3rd option. 

    I have a long formal gown for ceremony/pictures/reception and then will be changing into a super vegasy dress for our nightclub reception. 
  • We did a July wedding, number 3 would be the one that that would work for me, my dress was big and heavy
  • This is a tough one because you look great in all three but I think number 3 is the most flattering! As other posters have said, you could always change. I got a second dress from davids bridal that's short.
  • I would definitely say number 3!! Very pretty! :)
  • I like the look of lace and bling so im going with 2, but if wasn't soo heavy id do that one.  I think the lining in 2 needs to be adjusted cause it looks bunched.  :) which makes you feel gorgeous, bridally, and happy?  go with that one. 
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    #3 is beautiful and looks the best on you.

    Side Note: That's a really, really long gap between the ceremony and reception. 
  • I love #1 but your face shows us that you really love #3.  You look great in all three.  
  • I love # 3 on you with number 2 my next favorite. But you already said you are 99% sure so don't let us sway your votes! You'll be beautiful in any of them and the one that makes you smile the biggest!
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    I know it does seem like a big gap but after talking to our guests, they preferred it this way. It allows them to change and grab some lunch before partying the night away :)
  • Hey Ladies! So to keep you all informed I went to the bridal salon today retried on my top pick and decided to put a deposit on....drum roll....#3! So excited! Definitely it is the one, Maggie Sottero knows what she is doing. Thanks for all your feedback! It was nice to have that little extra oomph of reassurance when making such a big important purchase. Here is a picture of me trying the dress on today. Didn't wanna take it off :)
  • yay! I was going to choose #3! Looks fab
  • Had I seen the thread in time, I'd have voted #3 too. :-)

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  • Same as vegas groom ha love number 3!!
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