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I'm thinking of making hot chocolate on a stick for my november wedding as a favor. I'm not much of a baker but my MIL and mom are so i'd be recruiting them to help. With about 175 guests do you think this will be more headache that it's worth? i'm really trying to watch the budget and thought the favors could be cut all together but figured this would be cheap enough. thoughts?

Example of hot cocoa on a stick: 

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  • Unless they OFFER to assist you with this you should plan to be on your own. Other than that, did you google directions? That should give you a clue as to how it will go.

    There's recipes all over the place out there. However, this seems like a lot of work (and yeah, try not to recruit people unless you KNOW they are on board). 

    What about just doing a hot cocoa kit? So grab some hot cocoa mix, peppermint sticks, and marshmallows, throw them into a cute baggie, tie with red and white stripped ribbon. 
  • thanks ladies! they have already offered to help with whatever i decide to do as i told them it'd most likely be homemade so i know they are in. some recipes out there seem simple enough. how far in advance do you think they can be made? 3 days...1 week...2? 

    i was also looking into hot cocoa kits in a little vial. a lot of assemble but definitely less messy.
  • They are very cute but look like they would be time consuming to make. If you have 175 guests, you'll probably want to make 180-200 so you have extra incase any break during transport. Now how much time you need depends on how much counter/table space you can give up for a few days & how much money you want to invest into silicone ice cube trays. The one receipe I found says you need to let the chocolate set up overnight. So if you have save 4 trays that means you can only make 48 per day for and lets say if you make 200, it will take you 5 days to make them. Once they are made & put into plastic bags, you should be ok if you make these a week before the wedding & they are stored in a a dry cool place. Here is a link to making these The receipe on this link says it will make 15-16 sticks. So to make say 200 sticks, you would need to take each measurement x 15 to get the amount you will need for each ingredient. Go to the store & figure out the cost of the ingredients. Also don't forget to price out the silicone ice cube trays. Also don't forget to include ribbon or whatever you plan to use to tie off the bags & if you want to put anytype of a tag on them. Then take a look at the total cost before you even buy anything to determine if it will work in your budget. I'm only suggesting this because you said favors might be cut.
  • Erikan73 you just blew my mind. THANK YOU
  • I don't know if you've already decided what to make as favors, but just in case... I thought about doing something like this, and decided against it because it would be both expensive and time consuming. Instead, I'm using mini test-tubes I found online (0.10$ each) and filling them with a hot cocoa mixture I've made. All ingredients for the cocoa mixture can be found at the bulk food store.
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