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Long veil or short veil?

I have always liked the idea of a cathedral length veil but I'm worried a veil that long would look weird with the style dress I would like. Any opinions on what may look best with a mermaid/trumpet/fit n flare gown?

Re: Long veil or short veil?

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    The length of the veil has more to do with the time and style of your wedding than the style of your dress.  Most veils are minimalist these days.
    Traditionally, short veils are less formal.  Longer veils are more formal.  Cathedral length veils are the most very formal.  The rules have relaxed since the 1970s.
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    I think it would look fine with a fit and flare dress.  Examples:
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    It's about what fits your style and your venue.  Where are you holding the wedding?  
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