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No Hair Trial?

Hey October Brides - 

Any of you out there NOT having a hair trial before the big day? I am having my wedding out of state, and have very limited time in being up in Maryland before the wedding (my last trip before the wedding is next week for a day and a half for my shower) and I will not have any time to have a hair trial. My MOH, who is a makeup artist, is making me feel guilty though and saying its 'totally not okay' to not have a hair trial before the wedding. This is making me freak out a bit. 

I am having my hair done by my usual stylist that I see whenever I am in town, and I trust her in being able to do my hair the way I wish when it comes down to the big day. As much as I would like to have a trial, it just wont be happening. Is anyone else in this same boat, or am I in trouble? 

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    I would try to just stop in and have a hair trial done. The girl who has been doing my hair for years will be doing mine. I had an updo done and I loved it. Other people said I should try a down look and I was like okay lets try it. My hair dresser was 100% positive that it would be the one I choose. So I go in and we have another trial. I chose the updo. 

    She did a wonderful down look, but it just didn't fit my hair type. My hair is thin and it just looked scraggly. It was nothing that she did, it was just my hair type. I'm so glad I had a hair trail done. I was so gung-ho about the down look that I would have told her to do that the day of my wedding. 
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    I am not doing a hair trial.  In fact, the person doing my hair will have never met me until she is working on my hair!! 

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    I'm not.  Usual stylist doing mine - she knows what my hair is like.  
    I'm going to see her about a week before the wedding to do my colour so I'll show her a few ideas then and see what she thinks but I won't know what I'm doing until the day of and what the weather/humidity is like.
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    As long as you know what looks good on you as far as the style you're looking for, then I don't see it being a big deal. I don't ever wear formal hair styles so I definitely need to do a trial to see what I'm going to like. But you can either skip it altogether or do a trial where you live just to get a feel for some different styles and how they look ON YOU. It's not always just about the stylist getting a feel for what you want, but also for you getting a feel for what you want, to sort of rule in or rule out different styles. If you felt you needed to do that then go somewhere where you live so you can try on the styles. And then you'll have pics for your day of stylist.
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    i'm not doing a hair or makeup trial as my wedding is out of state too. i understand the apprehension but i'm just staying positive. we've also never met before. but she's got amazing reviews and i'm going with something simple that's not totally out of the left field for how i normally do my hair or makeup. i am dying my hair pastel pink so i figure that's already going to be pretty loud.
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    I'm not doing a hair trial either. My stylist has done my hair for other weddings I've been in, and she's my normal stylist. She told me it was a waste of time and money since she's done my hair before.

    Also I understand the stress of living in a different state from your wedding! I live in CA and getting married in MO, so I've been tying up what I can from afar, and eagerly waiting until I'm in MO again to finish everything up!
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