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Father/daughter dance dilemma

I am seeking some advice for my father/daughter dance.....Ever since I heard the song "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon, I knew it was the song I wanted for my father/daughter dance at my wedding, but my father was killed in a car accident last September. In my heart, I feel like this song needs to be played at my wedding, but I don't know how to do it. My mom is walking me down the aisle, so I was considering dancing with her, but then I found another song that I love for my mother/daughter dance. Does anyone have any advice?

Re: Father/daughter dance dilemma

  • I'm sorry for your loss :( 

    That's my song too! Perhaps you can use Paul Simon during another special moment during the wedding, maybe as you walk down the isle but an instrumental version. Or save it for another slow song during the night and have the DJ do a special dedication to your dad so people know why it is so special? 
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