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Kona, HI backyard wedding

We had our budget wedding at a private residence in Hawaii. I figured I'd share here in case someone is looking to do the same. We scoured the internet for many months getting ideas and finally deciding where to do it. Thanks for looking! :)

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Re: Kona, HI backyard wedding

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    Thank you so much for sharing! I had to take a break from planning for a couple weeks because I was so frustrated from all the super expensive options... We recently decided on Hawaii for our dw and it's based on a lot of factors but mostly due to everyone wanting to go to Hawaii, or has been and wants to go back. We're from Seattle area, so the weather even during March is preferable to what we'd get here. We have a significantly short leash for a budget (about to buy a house), and I looked at rentals in Hawaii for the wedding but kept finding apartments/condos. 
    Did you by any chance look into caterers?
  • Hi! I'm doing something similar, so thought I would share that I found our house on they have lots of great options and different house sizes as well. 

    Good luck! 
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