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Honeymoon Jamaica or Mexico

My fiancé and I are in need of some help,  We are planning our honeymoon for February of 2015 and we are torn as to where we want to go.  We have narrowed it down to Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Jamaica,  and Excellence Playa Mujeres.  Both are very nice resorts and have similar amenities.  Where would you suggest?  Positives and Negatives?

Thank you in advance!   

Re: Honeymoon Jamaica or Mexico

  • Personally I preferred Mexico over Jamaica. Have been to Mexico about six times but never went back to Jamaica after our first visit.
  • I have been to both destinations and would recommend Mexico/Playa Mujeres. I had a friend recently go to PM and LOVED it. They are very discerning travelers as well.

    IMO, Jamaica was just okay and not really some place I'd return to. I've been to Mexico several times.


  • So many people dislike Jamaica, many cruise lines took it off their itinerary.  I haven't stayed in a resort there, but the native street vendors and con artists are very persistent and annoying.  Crime can be a problem.
  • I've been Mexico three times and Jamaica once. I greatly prefer Jamaica. You actually get the Caribbean island feel in Jamaica in my opinion vs Mexico. Also...crime in Jamaica is definently not worse than in Mexico although Ochos Rios Jamaica is where you find more of the pushy vendors. I believe most cruise lines stop on that side of the island. Stay closer to negril or Montego Bay to avoid some of that.
    Also if you've ever had the dreaded montezumas revenge while in Mexico you won't wanna relive that. Never had it in Jamaica although only once in Mexico but it sucked!
    I loved the Jamaican people...laid back and the food was much better than the all inclusive I went to in Mexico.
  • Also stayed at an iberostar once and the food was awful! Granted, it wasn't the one you're considering but I'm sure since they're a larger chain, their processes are probably similar at most locations.
  • Thank you for your help. I will have my fiancé look at these response and hopefully it will help us in our decision. 

    Thanks Amy

  • I also preferred Mexico. Jamaica was a little scary and the food wasn't very good (IMO). I get that Mexico can have crime problems as well but I feel secure and safe in their resort areas. Also there may be more options for excursions in Mexico. I know there are some in Jamaica but Mexico may give you more options (if you are interested in excursions/sight-seeing).

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  • I love love loved Jamaica. I preferred the food, excursions, and culture over Mexico
  • I loved Jamaica. I also prefer it over Mexico. To me, it had more of a romantic feel to it. Every time I hear reggae music I am instantly transported to the days spent on the island.
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