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Any storees with a decent amount of samples in plus sizes? I am looking for shops that carry samples in size 20 and up.

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  • I KNOW they get a bad wrap, but if really did find David's Bridal to have the most samples you could try on in store. whatever you do DO NOT go to Eva's Bridal. They assured me up and down they had plenty of dresses in my size to try on when I called to book an appointment, and when I got there, there was literally 1 dress. And the pushy sales lady wanted me to buy a $3k dress after just holding it up in front of me and "imagine what it would look like." totally awful.

    There was a store in Indiana that specializes in plus sizes with a lot of samples that I never made it to because of the drive, but you may want to try there if you have time. I think it was called Miss Pamelas?

    Good luck!

  • David's does have a lot to see in many sizes - if nothing else you can use it for your way to get used to changing in front of a stranger and the whole process. Volle's in Lake Zurich was amazing to me and I felt very comfortable. Their rooms are very private and large and they had a lot of dresses to try on. You may get lucky and find a dress there!

    House of Brides treated me like crap and put me in terribly unflattering things (think mermaid style and I'm an apple shape - all my weight is in my belly). Plus the only plus dresses were quite expensive for being House of Brides! I'd get calls at 2am from their automated system I begged them to take me off many times. Seriously a mess.
  • I got mine at house of brides in orland park. They were super nice. David's had a lot and I found Eva's on la grange had a decent selection. There is another Eva's not far away and they said they carried plus size but barley any in my size.
  • Hey there! I also had a pretty hard time finding a dress as a plus sized woman. Its amazing to me that there aren't more plus sized bridal salons in Chicago. I found my dress(  at  It is in a very small town in Indiana but trust me, it is worth the drive!! They were WONDERFUL and have a large selection of plus sized sample gowns!! They really gave me the full "Say yes to the Dress" experience, putting my entourage out on the couch, taking me back and putting me in beautiful gowns, and bringing me out for a big reveal!! If you wanted to stay more local, I did go to the House of Brides in Glen Ellyn, they have a separate area with plus size sample gowns, the experience here wasn't what I was hoping for, but they did have a nice selection.

    Good luck!! I hope you find the dress of your dreams!!

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