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Publix Event Planner Website?

Has anyone used this successfully to order what they need for a DIY reception?  We are trying to keep things simple as possible but have one weird complication of a destination wedding where none of my friends lives. My love does not want to hire a wedding coordinator, thinks we can set everything up ourselves, and I was looking at the Publix website thinking they make it pretty easy.


Re: Publix Event Planner Website?

  • First, this is an international board and not everyone has the same access to the same stores. From what I saw, Publix is only in the South East part of the United States. You might have more luck on the local boards. Second, grocery stores are highly recommended when budget is an issue. We ordered our wedding cake from a local grocery store (wedding is in 8 days!!!). They let us taste samples and are delivering it day of. I got to pick exactly what I want and it is within my budget.
  • Thanks. I would have posted on the local board for where the wedding is going to be but the forum is so dead most posts from there are 2012.  There's no Publix here where I live, either.   Glad to hear your grocery store worked out for you!
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    Publix is the best! We got our cupcakes, petit fours, and a small cake there. We also ordered some platters of fruit/veggies for other weekend events and sandwich platters for a birthday party for my dad a couple months ago.

    I would say that the sandwich platters serve WAY more than they say they do and you may be better off getting, say, 2 15-person platters vs. 1, 30-person platter depending on what you want. The platters for my dad's party were these super dense, DEEP piles of lunch meat that were a bit hard to navigate....
  • We've used publix catering for casual events. Everything from the bakery is excellent and I love their sandwiches, but I find the sandwich platters assume everyone is going to eat 4 inches of sandwich, and we all want more food than that. Otherwise, I think Publix is a great bet.
  • Hi Janine (OP)...not to be a total downer here, but you might want to take personally identifying information out of your profile. It was really easy to find you on the internet (hi, sounds like we both live in the DMV!) I know where you went to college, got your masters, jobs you've had...I'm not an internet creep, but you never know who is! I don't have personal experience with Publix (other than my recent stop there in Charleston a few weeks ago, which was awesome!) but everyone has great things to say about DIY through them.
  • I have done a ton of DIY parties with Publix food and have two more this year.  Good food, good quality, great prices. Can't ask for much more.
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    My sister did a destitnation wedding in Florida and her cake was from Publix and it was delicious!
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  • Thanks all for the input.

    The Publix near our venue has an event planner co-located (didn't know grocery stores did this).  In talking with the planner, seems like floral, food, and cake can be easily ordered for this casual wedding.

    Thanks also freebread03 regarding the creeper factor - it spurred a question to our planners about how can we protect ourselves yet still let the world know what we have achieved if our webpages have our names in the URL.
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