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Wedding programs finished or so I thought

We just spent the day finishing our fan wedding programs. It was really labor intensive. After they have been all glued and put together I realized I mis spelled the best man's last name. So do I tear them apart and hope to salvage some parts of it and redo them or just leave it?

Re: Wedding programs finished or so I thought

  • How chill is the best man? If you think he won't be offended, I'd leave it. Check with FI. Regardless, let him (best man) know and apologize.
  • I'd definitely say something to the best man now. Also, is it an obvious misspelling or not? Spelling "Smith" wrong is egregious, but there are certainly other names where I doubt anyone would ever notice. Also, I think it depends here if the BM is family where plenty of people would notice, or a friend where the guests would be unlikely to notice. I truly do think you should re-do them all, but.... I feel for you. Kudos to you for doing fans. Those are great!

  • Is there anyway you can kind of "whiteout" it and fix just that one spot?  I don't mean actually slapping some whiteout on it, but I don't know if maybe some more crafty ladies around here can help.
  • Slap a gold star on the affected name. It will look random, just a sparkle on the whole. No one will think twice about it.
  • If you have your heart set on changing them and they were printed on some sort of card stock, a white eraser should take the offending letters out.  But I'm with the PPs, if it's Smith, you might need to change it.  If it's a harder on to spell then no one will notice but BM.  Let him know for sure.
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