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Temporary Wedding Band?

I recently got a new job that requires me to work with my hands a lot and I found that my e-ring was getting super dirty so FI and I decided it was best to stop wearing it just for the sake of the ring, my coworker said she lost her diamond at work once because of the wear that the job was putting on it. I was looking for a new ring that I could wear in its place at work that was cheaper and not as sentimentally valuable. I found one on Etsy that I LOVE.  It is an eternity band made of simulated diamonds with a 2kt total weight.  This band is exactly what I would like for my actual wedding band however, I feel like I am almost cheating my very nice and expensive e-ring by pairing it with fake diamonds.  My FI is in medical school and won't be making any money for about 2 more years so we are on a limited budget and a 2kt eternity band is totally out of budget.  We discussed buying something like the simulated band as a temporary solution so that I could have the glitz that I wanted without the cost and then FI would buy me a new one a few years down the road when budget allows.  Is this something people have done?  I thought it might be strange to have a "nicer" "fake" ring for work than actual wedding band which is why we are also considering purchasing the ring on Etsy now and seeing how we like it and then if I liked it enough for a wedding band just using it as the temporary one and then finding another work ring.  Does this make sense? Have other people done similar things? 

Here is the link to the band on Etsy. 

Re: Temporary Wedding Band?

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    The beauty of wedding bands is that you can get whatever you want. I definitely think it would look fake next to a white gold/diamond engagement ring, but would probably look fine on it's own. 
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    Yes, some people buy a less expensive ring they can afford now and "upgrade" farther down the road. I wouldn't worry too much about how the faux ring looks next to your e-ring since it sounds like you won't be wearing them together too much if you're not wearing your e-ring to work. If you do wear them at the same time and find you don't like the look, you can wear your e-ring on your right hand, that way they aren't right beside each other.

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