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Alterations - whom would you recommend in the East Bay?

I ordered a dress I love in a size I thought hit my exact measurements (please feel free to laugh or shake your head at this moment).My dress arrived about 2 weeks ago. I ordered it a week+ before that. I guess I ran off my love handles at San Francisco Marathon because it is too big now. It is even more 'too big' than it was when it first arrived. I ordered to fit my chest. At first the hips were just too big and the waist kind of big. Now, it is too big everywhere but fortunately the right proportions. Whom should I take my beautiful dress to so that it looks beautiful on me and not just on the hangar, please?

Re: Alterations - whom would you recommend in the East Bay?

  • I used Malia May in Alameda (email is tikimalia at yahoo dot com). She did some pretty big redesign alterations on my wedding dress (cost me under $400 when all the other quotes I got in the area were $1000-1500+), and it turned out great. She also altered a bridesmaid dress for me a couple of years ago from a size 14 down to a 2 and no one could tell. A friend also just had Malia do her wedding and MOB dresses, and she was happy, too. I highly recommend her!
  • Update: A dear family friend got me in at Creative Alterations in Lafayette. It turns out the dress did fit perfectly. It just needed wider straps and a bustle. They made time for me and I picked up my dress the morning before! Thank you all for your suggestions.
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