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I am getting married 8/8/2015 in Maple Park, IL(40 mins west of Chicago). I am currently on the search for a photographer. I have no ideas! I did get one recommendation from a friend but the photographer is $2500! This seems way out of my budget but I dont want to get some cheap photographer and get horrible pictures but $2500 seems like alot. Any suggestions would help. Also anyone know what the average photgrapher charges?

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  • $2500 definitely average for opening packages in the Chicago area. I know, it's a shocker but I personally think it's the one thing definitely worth the money.

    We used Kristi at Markit Photography and she was absolutely a joy to work with and her work is incredible.

    I do realize a lot of people go to larger photo companies because they are cheaper, that's an understandable route to go, but remember you won't have as much say in which photographer  you get sometimes or how you want your day to go. If you do go that route, I would stay away from George Street Photography, for every success story, lots of iffy practices and photographers. Too much of a crap shoot.

    Also you can try SnapKnot

    You put in your budget and area, and it will list photographers in your area who are your price range.

    Good luck!
  • My son and his wife used Peter and Jessica Matushek. They were somewhat "unknown/undiscovered" at the time of their July, 2012 wedding. Although their prices, and popularity, have gone up since then, they are well worth taking a look. I believe they have hourly packages. You would not regret using them.
  • We are using Scott Pfiffer. We haven't had the wedding yet, but the engagement session was great and his prices are very reasonable. He's very professional and good with communication.
  • We used Light Source Photography. They were incredible and we actually had a lot of demands so they made us a custom package. That may be the way to go for you.
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