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Choosing Reception Music

Was choosing music for your reception difficult? What types did you choose?

For me it was. I mean...I want everyone there to enjoy whatever we play, so I chose some rock, a little pop, some rap (softer rap), some electronica (Daft Punk, etc), some classics (Frank Sinatra, Elton John), and a hint of new age/hipster hits.

I am not a big fan of electric slide or any organized dance, so I left those out, but I chose songs people could really get down to. Here's hoping they like the selections!
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Re: Choosing Reception Music

  • I've been looking at wedding website lists of songs and making a spreadsheet to keep track of them. I never remember artist and title, let alone 100 of them! Spreadsheet came from

    The posters on reddit wedding planning have some really awesome playlists that didn't make the cut on the other wedding websites. I found a whole bunch of "oh yeah! I love this one!" songs.
  • Reception music is one of FI's favorite parts of the planning! We have a lot of "oldies," beach music, Motown, the majority of the Godfather soundtrack, etc. Between our circles of friends and family, it is very fitting and appropriate. Neither of us listen to the radio much (thanks Pandora), so we pretty much have no "popular" music, rap, or country on our playlist. And definitely no hipster music, as FI is very anti hipster, lol.
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    I think some DJs do a great job of helping with this. Ours has an entire planning website where we can say which genres we like (we like! we hate! DJ's choice!), and they let us put in our 10 must-plays, 10 do-not-plays, and 10 play-if-requested. This enables us to make sure we get quite a bit of what we want while leaving the rest to the professional. We actually requested quite a bit of the party music from our college years (late 90's, early 2000's). It'll get our friends on the dance floor for sure! Also, on some of the main boards there's been conversation about appropriate versus inappropriate songs. For us, if the clean version is good enough for Top 40 radio, we'll take it. We're not concerned about "wedding music" so much as we are "dance music".

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