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Talk to me about lantern lights

Yes, I know everyone says that paper lanterns are overdone, but I don't care, I love them and it's MY wedding. That said and out of the way, any recommendations n which battery operated lights to use in colored round lanterns? I'm looking at yellow, orange, but orange and red lanterns for my November wedding. Not really planning on them being used for light, just for decoration in our 40 x 40 tent. Something like this: http://lover.ly/posts/100-ideas-for-fall-weddings/23258/images/249669/?v=2 So, of the different battery operated lights, which last longest, are brightest, etc? I am assuming that for the largest ones, I'll use two lights to make them bright enough. Ceremony is at 3pm so we'll need to have them turned on prior to then. Sunset is at 5:30 so they'll need to stay fairly bright for 6-8 hours. Any suggestions for making them easy to lower and raise so we can turn the lights on at about 2pm? Thanks, Karen

Re: Talk to me about lantern lights

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    Pier one has some really excellent battery operated ones on clearance now, about three something each. One is all it takes. The're a warm candlelight LED, not the white blue color. Love em. image
    ETA: There's a remote as well. I think it was about 7. 
  • That's great, thanks! The remote will be especially handy for the ones up in the rafters.
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