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Time to Think About the Food I Put in My Face.

I have this dilemma with myself: If I TRY to watch what I eat, I fail.  If I don't and just eat when I am hungry, I tend to be okay.  I don't want to drop mad weight or anything, I just want a nipped waist in my dress, and de-puffing will do the trick :)

So I have a plan.  It's not about what I eat when I am hungry, but about what makes sense when making a good food choice.  

From here on out:
- Low sodium (for beating water retention)
- Low Lactose (for the skin and my gut.  I'm not lactose intolerant but some days cheese makes me not feel well...)
- Less sugar (Not NO sugar...I mean, I will have a period a few more times and I don't want to deprive myself of gummies)
- More water! (Because, yeah!  OBVI!)

30 days out:
- BYE WINE!  (I am going to need your support for this, ladies.) No booze.  Not even at the rehearsal dinner.  
- One coffee a day! (kind of a big change because my coffee consumption is creeping up there...)
- All other coffees get replaced by green tea ^_^ (which I stopped consuming and want to start again.  I LAHVE it!)
- No white bread (it's only multigrain my house anyway)

5-7 days out:
- NO XYLOSE /splenda /nutrasweet /Malitol /sorbitol
- No grilled cheese :(  

These are all rules I am trying to do in my daily life anyways, so I feel like I am not restricting myself too much.  

It's the wine, guys.  I really like that stuff.  I like having a glass or a bottle or whatever.  I am really going to miss it but I actually love drinking ice water a lot so I will be fine :)

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Re: Time to Think About the Food I Put in My Face.

  • No wine? No grilled cheese? Are you insane, woman?!? I realize it's for a very short period of time but AHHH! I'm sure you'll do just fine, and we're here for support.
  • I had a cheese bun for breakfast.  Clearly I am not taking my own advice....
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  • I have no idea what a cheese bun is.. but I like the idea of those words in the same sentence.

    I'm thinking cheese danish + cinnamon bun? Ugh, that sounds magical.
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  • It's a white bread bun with cheddar baked in it.  image
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  • I am here to support you!! I can't restrict my diet too much since I'm pregnant, but I'll be cheering you on!
  • Ugh this is probably a good plan... as much as I hate it.  I'm trying not to go too crazy with diet and exercise (for my own sanity) but I am working out 3-4 times a week (500 calories per workout) and being pretty mindful about my diet.  But I do drink from time to time, and I love bread.. I think it's probably a good idea to start small.  Like, I need to stop having a cookie with my lunch EVERY DAY ahaha... my work cafeteria makes the best cookies (they're fairly small) but still.  Probably not the greatest habit.
  • After my pants zipper broke at work on Monday, and I had to do emergency work pants shopping, I have decided that after my wedding (since my dress fits perfectly) that I might try to loose some weight after the wedding. FI says I'm perfect the way I am, but it would be nice to be able to find more than just 1 or 2 pants in my size. *Sigh*

  • I HATE pants shopping.  Especially work pants shopping.  It's the WORST!

    I had a terrible dream last night, that I was naked and people saw me (I got locked out of a vacation home) and one guy looked at me and said "Only hot chicks should do that." and someone else said I had 'weird boobs' (I am self conscious about my breasts) I woke up feeling really bad about myself.  FI told me not to worry, but I think my subconcious is really scared that I don't look the same at 31 as I did at 25....
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  • What a horrible dream! And I'm sure your boobs a fine (I graduated to a C cup recently just because of my band size)! I hate shopping period, unless it's for someone else. I'm definitely not the same at 31 as I was at 25, but I was my heaviest at 27/28 and have lost some obvious weight without trying. If I could get back down to my 25 year old size that'd be great, but it's a good 20-30 lbs.
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