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Wanted: Mismatched Vintage China

Hi Ladies! Did you collect mismatched china for your wedding? I am looking for mismatched china in the Greater Los Angeles/ LA area and would love to see photos of any china you would be willing to part with. Willing to pay a fair price and looking for large quantities :)

Re: Wanted: Mismatched Vintage China

  • Hello! I have a lot of vintage china teacups and a few other vintage china pieces like single saucers. You can mix the saucers and teacups and get a mismatch and have a complete set once the wedding is done. Let me know if you're interested.
  • Do you still have those vintage dishes? What do you have and how much would you be selling them for?
  • Ohdear! So sorry for the late response Knottie73079686. I normally don't check theknot forums so often so I just saw this  now. I still have vintage china dishes if you are interested. I also have a lot of china saucers without the cups. The saucers I can sell at $2 each + s/h. Let me try to send you my e-mail so you can get in contact with me directly. Not sure if you're still looking for them!
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