Rehearsal Dinner

I am at a loss as what to do for the Rehearsal Dinner.

I have two options.
1. Find a restaurant that can seat 40ish people
2. Find a good caterer (hopefully not too expensive)
3. Find a place to rent flatware, silverware, etc.

Any ideas for the Wichita area?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner

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    A restaurant would be easiest. I'm in KC, but I would look for places that have a private room. Some places have a room for birthday parties. Or you can ask around and see if they can reserve part of the dining area for you.

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    Hy-vee catering is relatively inexpensive. I got an estimate the other day for $900 including them busing tables/serving and an upgraded set of plastic-ware. estimated for 60 people

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