Fall Foliage - 9/26 or 10/24?

Hi there! We are in the midst of booking our venue in the Poconos (near Camelback) for a Fall 2015 wedding - we are deciding between two dates: 9/26/15 or 10/24/15. We wanted to get some input as to which date would be better for fall foliage? I've been told it really depends on the weather so no one can say for certain - but just wanted to see what people think. Thanks in advance. :)

Re: Fall Foliage - 9/26 or 10/24?

  • Hi there! I live in the Jim Throrpe area and went to college up around Camelback...the best time for fall foliage tends to actually be mid to late October. My birthday is actually 9/26 and the colors usually haven't started by then, especially if its a more mild summer. Your best bet would be in the teens of October but you could probably still have some nice colors around the 24th. However, its a rainy fall the leaves tend to drop faster. Hope that helps! Best wishes :)
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  • @katalinamarie - thanks so much for your input. We actually did go with 10/24 a few months ago!
  • Good choice! Best of luck to you!
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