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Getting paranoid about photographer

The wedding is in exactly one month. The photographer we hired does beautiful work and we love our engagement photos, which were taken last summer.  However, I've written her two e-mails (one week apart) to see about meeting to finalize plans.  A few months ago she sent us the online surveys to fill out with the family shot list and schedule and whatnot. One of the e-mails containing the surveys indicated we needed to meet with her 1-2 months out. Well, that's what I'm trying to do, and she's not responding. 

I just left a message on her phone. The other weird thing is that her professional website blog hasn't been updated since last fall, and neither has her Pinterest or Twitter.  As it happens, she has a semi-public Facebook for her personal account (professional FB likewise not updated in ages) so I can tell she hasn't died. I follow her on Instagram and basically I get the impression she's moving away from wedding photography and into other photography fields.

The number I just called named her wedding company on the voicemail so now I'm particularly worried she's not checking that company e-mail or phone.  As it happens, she is friends with someone I attended high school with, so I can stalk her if I really need to but..... what the heck?
I'm supposed to have her and a second shooter in a month. We've paid $2k out of the $3k total price, and the last thousand dollars isn't due until a week after the wedding.  I feel like I should start looking for a back-up photographer/company!  

Thoughts? Impressions? Anything similar happen to you? 

Re: Getting paranoid about photographer

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    I recently dealt with the issue of my catering manager not responding to my emails at two months out. I started making up stories that she didn't work there anymore, etc. After I called and left a phone message, she finally responded the next day and apologized… now she claims she will respond within 24 hours from here on out (we'll see, but so far so good). 

    My point is, I think phone works best sometimes. If she doesn't call back today, call again tomorrow and leave a message that you are very concerned about her unresponsiveness, that you are now a month out from your wedding, and that you want to know if you need to start looking for another photographer. That should get her attention.

    I'm not saying it's a good excuse—because she definitely should have responded to you by now—but it is wedding season and vendors are busy. Apparently with some vendors you have to be more proactive about getting their attention.

    I'm very sorry you're dealing with this so close to your wedding… unfortunately I know the feeling! 
  • I wish you the best of luck. Our photographer was a nightmare. I would suggest you find someone Local (see if you have a favor you can call in, or a school of art around you) for a stand by just in case and try through your friend in a week. 
    My photographer didn't show to the only meeting before the wedding and then didn't return our phone calls after the wedding,  We got 300 over the 500 pictures promised and they were 5 weeks late. SO I hope you don't have the same luck we had, Good luck!
  • Goodness gracious!

    I did find her non-work e-mail through Facebook and she responded to that right away. We're scheduled to meet tomorrow.  I am thinking positively that everything will turn out fine and she's just busy.  I have indeed been searching for backup plans though!  

  • I wouldn't panic if it's only been a week.  She might be away (vacation or working) and while it's not smart or considerate of her not to have an out of office message, it's doesn't mean she has fled.  I would be patient for 1 more week, then commence stalking.
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