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Hi all,
I'm getting married May 2015 and we're holding the reception at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. We know we will not be able to have the ceremony there, but have been having trouble finding a good ceremony location in the area (Ferndale-Royal Oak-Detroit-Warren-Berkley-Clawson-Troy-Birmingham-etc) location. We are planning to have my aunt officiate the wedding but it will still be a Christian ceremony. We have had a very hard time finding anywhere that will allow us to bring our own officiant, is indoors (or is outdoors but has a backup indoor option in case of crazy Michigan weather), will allow us to marry in their building (we live together and this has been an issue with many churches), will let us hold a ceremony even if we're not holding a reception there, and won't charge us thousands of dollars. I know these conditions weed out a lot of options, but was hoping someone had some idea that may be worth looking into. We will have about 130 people max. We're open to just about anything at this point. Thank you so much for your help!

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  • Hi there,

    I'm considering having my reception at Rust Belt Market as well and had the same concern with a nearby ceremony location- I will keep you posted on anything I find! I would love to pick your brain about your event- it seems like a lot of work to hire a wait staff, caterer, bartenders, day of coordinator, etc. Any help you can give?
  • I'm also having a really hard time finding a place that will host JUST a ceremony that is not a church!
  • There are several locations on belle Isle to pick from

    Charles Wright Museum of African History

    Coach Insigina at the Ren Cen

    Detroit Historical Museum

    Double tree Suites Fort Shelby Hotel

    First Congregations Church of Detroit

    Flat 151

    Rattle Snake

  • I was actually interested in that venue, but couldn't figure out what to do about parking. can you tell me what you are doing about parking?
  • Another option is a public park. It does require an outdoor ceremony, but it'll be much cheaper (maybe just rent tents with walls in case it rains?). Just contact the city that the park is in, and see what their fees are. 
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