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Kohl's Registry...UGH

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has had problems with my Kohl's Registry, but....

Our shower is this Sunday (SO EXCITED!!!) and I just received a gift in the mail which was purchased from the Registry, which is great...except when I called to tell my mom she informed me that it is on the registry as unpurchased.

Should I call to ask Kohl's to mark it? And if they do, will it count toward my Registry Benefit's and Perks?

She also informed me that either I'm getting a lot of duplicates or something is wrong because there are more total items purchased, than the amount of items marked.

Anyone else have this issue? And where you able to remedy it?

Re: Kohl's Registry...UGH

  • I had a similar problem. After the shower, I deleted the items that had been purchased and not completed on the registry. Also, it could have been that the buyer didn't order online through the registry or didn't let the cashier know.
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  • I wonder if the purchaser didn't notify the cashier that it was a registry item. 

    I'd wait it out, then go back in and delete anything that wasn't marked completed. 
  • I had this on my registry from a different store.  They ordered online so it should have come off (no cashier involved).  I just went in and marked what I received after the shower.  
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