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HELP! first dance

Me and my FI's song is "Can you feel the love tonight?" by Elton John. I am worried this is too cheesy to have as our first dance, but my FI and I like the song. Any thoughts?!

Re: HELP! first dance

  • Elton John is an amazing artist, so I wouldn't call his songs cheesy.  But, I can see where one would think that if they only associate that song with the Lion King.  I think it's a beautiful song.  My only concern would be the length.  Are you prepared to dance for four whole minutes? 

  • It's a beautiful song ... go for it! Own that teeny tiny little slice of nostalgic cheese (your friends will be jealous they didn't think of that one)!
  • go for it!  2 minutes after the dance, no one is going to remember it anyway - so make it special for the 2 of you!!!
  • It's your first dance... do what YOU want to do! Your guests are there to celebrate your marriage, so don't worry about going over the top on the cheesy factor.
  • Awesome song! My vote is to do it, maybe have the DJ or band fade it out at some point so it's not so long? (I think someone said it runs for 4 minutes?)

  • SO cute! If I was at a wedding and that started playing I would probably "aww!" semi-loud.
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