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Anyone having a rent a small venue


My venue is small 1700 sq ft with a patio. About 85 seated inside outside could be another 20. Has anyone booked a small venue and how did it turn out. Or a venue with no kitchen? 

Re: Anyone having a rent a small venue

  • Don't seat some people outside. That would be really rude and make the outside guests feel left out of the "main event." Invite the number of people that can be reasonably seated inside. Be careful, as other posters will tell you, do not expect people to RSVP no. In other words, if you can fit 85, only invite 85! 

    My venue has no kitchen but the caterer has worked with them many times before so he knows how to handle it. Some stuff is made at his own catering kitchen and brought over (it's about 10 minutes away) and then he also brings grills and makes some of the food on-site that way. There are ways of dealing with no kitchen. Just make sure the caterer you hire is capable and has experience with this. Ask the venue to refer you to some caterers that they've worked with before. 
  • We rented a room that they say holds 60-70 people. We invited 35 and after we added a dance floor, cake table, app table, escort card table, and gift table the room was completely full. Our venue did have a kitchen so that wasn't an issue. 

    I'm going to echo what pp said, please don't seat some people outside. I went to a wedding once that did that and we ended up leaving early because we pretty much were missing everything anyways. We could hear everything because the door was open, but not very well and we couldn't see anything that was happening. The people outside felt very left out. Almost everyone who was sitting out there left shortly after dinner.
  • If it will hold 85 people, that is all that can attend including bride, groom and bridal party. Don't separate York guest's with some having to be outside. Nothing wrong with smaller weddings.
  • I have hosted some really nice smaller parties at a favorite venue in my city that only holds 80.  Once guests enter and see there is no dance floor, conversations take over, people have tons of fun taking pictures and selfies, and, in general, eating and mingling.  BUT...everybody sat and ate in the same room.
  • I am renting a small church/yoga studio. It was an old Methodist chapel, but the congregation dwindled and the property was sold.  Neighborhood ladies bought it and they have weddings and yoga there.

    I can have 125 inside.  I am choosing to do no hot food. My fiancé is a chef and he is having his connections hook up some food that is room temp appropriate. 

    For me it's not going to be an issue, due to the small size of my wedding anyway.  We are from the east coast and we live in CA, and I expect many east coast friends and family will not make the trip.  So I invited 110 and really expect about half that.

    If REALLY nobody shows up, that's when I'll worry. 

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