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Our venue is Riverview Country Club in Easton. We know we want an after party and trying to find a hotel with a bar. The only ones I can find are Best Western in Bethlehem, Hotel Bethlehem and Hyatt in Bethlehem. All 20-30 minutes from Riverview. Does anyone know of any other hotels or just other ideas in general that we could host a small after party?

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  • I believe there is a Holiday Inn Express, Quality Inn, or Hampton in right in Easton, PA. It is right by the Wawa and Mcdonalds. There are also some bars around the Easton circle, such as Rivals, where Easton brides  usually go for an after party in the area. If you do end up going towards Bethlehem, there is a Holiday Inn in the same parking lot as PJ Whelihan's, which is like a sports bar and grill. 
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    The bar at Hotel Bethlehem is beautiful.

    I just stayed in the Hyatt. Not much of a bar--more like a counter which serves alcohol--no atmosphere.

    Only a few short blocks from both Hotel Bethlehem and the Hyatt is the Bethlehem Brew Works ( That's a nice bar with good food and it's an easy walk if you are staying at either hotel.

    There's also the casino on the other side of the river, but I really don't know anything about it--just that it's close.

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  • I actually just made an appointment to look at Riverview....So the closest lodging is 20-30 minutes away? Do they offer shuttle service to a certain hotel or discounts if your wedding is there?

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic...
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