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We've decided to have our short November ceremony outside in front of our grape arbor (assuming the weather is decent). We're renting chairs for that area as well as inside, but white chairs are almost twice the price of the same chair in brown. I am thinking, since the ceremony will be short and quite informal, perhaps we should upgrade the chairs in the reception area to a more comfortable chair and just go with the brown for the ceremony. And I'm contemplating brown chairs for the reception too since our colors are fall colors (yellow, orange, deep red) with chocolate brown linens. Thoughts?

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    Yes, I think more comfortable chairs for the reception is a good idea if you can afford it.  At a recent family wedding, my Grandma was really uncomfortable in the typical white folding chairs that they had for the ceremony and reception (she has back issues).  As for the ceremony, I would probably go with the white folding chairs since those are still neutral and cheaper.
    As for colours, I probably wouldn't do brown chairs as well as all brown linens because it might be too much.  I would try to do different shades of brown or something.  Below are some suggestions:
    Wedding Reception at Peabody Hotel in Little Rock
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    I would definitely prefer comfortable chairs at the reception over caring what color the ceremony chairs are.
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  • No one will care if your chairs are brown at the ceremony - save your money and skip the white ones. As long as they have a place to sit, it doesn't matter what color they are.

    I like your idea of upgrading the reception chairs to more comfortable ones. The more comfortable people are, the longer they'll stay.

  • Thanks. The chiavari chairs aren't happening out in our yard, despite how pretty they are and since that's my only other brown choice, I think I won't worry about it. Brown chair for the ceremony and the least expensive "more comfortable" chairs will be it then. The center pieces will have a ton of color so that should brighten the place up!
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