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Alternative card box ideas?

I have been thinking about what to do about a card box at our wedding for literally two months. And I still have nothing. I was originally going to go with an antique box/fruit crate because it goes with our aesthetic, but I think I'd prefer something that locks because our wedding is outdoors and even though there will be security, the front table will be awfully close to the entrance and it would be really easy for someone to walk by on the sidewalk, peek in, and grab a few envelopes. 

I really do not want to use a birdcage. They're cute, but just would not go with our decor or venue at all. I've been cruising a bunch of antique stores, and found a few nice wooden boxes that I could add a lock to, but I have no idea how I would cut a slot in the top. I've search for antique locking mailboxes online, but have found nothing. I've looked on etsy, but all I find are the pretty generic papermache/cardstocky boxes that you can get at a craft store. That's just not my vision. 

Our venue is a 1920s historic building with a lot of art deco elements. We've really stuck to that aesthetic but I am at such a loss as to what to do about the stupid card box. Anyone come up with something unique for their's???

Re: Alternative card box ideas?

  • We used a wine crate for ours. We actually left it sitting open on the table because inside the lid had a beautiful wood carving of the vineyard the wine came from. We were in a private room with only 35 guests though so it wasn't an issue to leave it open. If we needed to we could have easily added a lock to it and used a saw to cut a slit in the top of it. Here's a pic:
  • Nest a wrapped shut box (neutral color/design, that'll hide well inside) inside the crate that has a slot where you want guests to drop cards in. You can't open till you unwrap it- use double stick tape in hidden places so if the crate is removed from the box you'll know it happened. Ask a friend or two to watch it, then take a turn to relocate the box to a locked car when before everyone gets distracted by ceremony/reception. My inner mischevious self would also add jingle bells/cat toy inside. Just if someone wanted to shake a card or two out. Additionally If I could rig it, add a few poppers/table crackers (small fireworks that "pop" with a certain amount of pull) to act as a boobytrap that'll spook theft in the process of someone opening the setup. If you open it up at a later party, it gives a little extra bang too.
  • I just attended a wedding with 1920's art deco touches and they had a glass vase for cards.  Very elegant, and since it's a large vase, it's fairly difficult for someone to snag a few out of there or for someone to go running off with a giant vase. 

  • We used one of those paint/stain it yourself mini wooden chests from Michaels. H used a jigsaw to cut a slot in the top - it literally took 10 seconds. I used one of those wood burning pens and wrote our names on it, then stained it. We got a little lock from home depot and screwed it on. The whole project probably took 2 hours. I thought it was worth it.

  • These are such great ideas you guys - thanks!!!!
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    We are using a mailbox, one that we plan to use at our future home. I am having one of my crafty friends paint our last name on it. I'm sure you could figure out a way to put a lock on it, if you wanted. However, it doesn't really match your theme. Good luck with everything!
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