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What do I get the parents of the bride and groom for my wedding? and should I get my grandparents?

I am getting married next month and want to get the parents of my Fiancee and I a nice gift for the wedding. I have some ideas but Id like some advice. I want to get the moms jewelry. I was thinking about a pandora bracelet starter kit? I would get a starfish charm for each since were getting married at the beach and maybe a mom charm and a couple fillers? What do you think? I know my future MIL doesnt really wear jewelry tho so idk if thats the best idea. My mom would love it but I want to get them the same thing to make it equal. I was also wondering about my grandparents? I cant afford to spend on 4 pandora bracelets but I can def work with 2. Maybe a necklace for the grandparents? and what about my step-mother? Do i have to get her a bracelet too or will a necklace do? Also, I was thinking about getting the dads an engraved pocket watch? No one uses pocket watches tho but I thought it would be a cute little keep sake for the wedding? I have 0 other ideas for dads gifts but I want them to also be the same. Should I get my grandfather a pocket watch too? I was hoping to spend around $250 for each parent gift and around $100 for the grandparents gifts. Any advice would be appreciated. We are getting married in Keywest. Thanks so much!

Re: What do I get the parents of the bride and groom for my wedding? and should I get my grandparents?

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    You don't have to give any of your parents or grandparents gifts for your own wedding.

    If you do decide to do so, it's entirely up to you.  There is no etiquette requirement or even an "expectation" that the principals give their parents, in-laws to be, or grandparents gifts.

    It's a sweet gesture, though, and if you're going to do this, I'd consider each recipient's personal tastes and interests and shop for them like you're shopping for a birthday or holiday present for each.
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    Give all the parents and grandparents frames with a promise of a wedding picture or two. Write them notes to let them know how much they mean to you. Your fi should write the notes for his side, you for your side. Those notes and pictures will mean more to them, than any gift you could buy.

    If you're determined to give other gifts, please select things that are suited to each person. I wouldn't spend the money on a Pandora bracelet for your FMIL, unless you are absolutely certain that she would love it. You could always give your mom the bracelet for another occasion. Or give it to her privately. It's the same with the pocket watches. Unless you know that the dads would like and use them, look for something else. Buy gifts that are related to their hobbies.

    ETA - You might consider digital picture frames that can be updated periodically. The grandparents would probably love that.


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    We gave FMIL a new netbook for her gift, since she was in need of a new computer.  We got an awesome black Friday deal on it and held it till the wedding.  We gave my parents gift cards to a few places they like to eat at, but don't go to often.  They really didn't need anything, but they like to go out to eat.

    Then for mother's day gifts, we gave each mom a photo book from Shutterfly.  We had received the photos back from the photographer on a CD and used them to create the books.  They were much cheaper than getting them directly from the photographer.

    So you can also think outside of the box for gifts, it doesn't need to be monogrammed or related directly to the wedding.

  • Don't get them the same thing, especially if they won't like, use, or wear them. Don't get them something that will just sit in a drawer. Get dad a bottle of his favorite Scotch. Get grampa a subscription to a Fruit-of-the-Month club. Get mom a flowerpot filled with packets of heirloom seeds for her vegetable garden. Personally, as a 37-year-old female, I'd be more interested in a super cool pocketwatch than a pandora bracelet. I think pocketwatches are cool and I'd love to be able to get away with carrying one.
  • We got a necklace for his mom, a watch for mine and we are still working on the dads.

    For grandparents we got them bouts/corsages but no gifts.

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