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Weight Loss and Dress Fittings

Hello Knotties!

In preparation for my October 2015 wedding, I am losing weight! I'm down about 30lbs since April 2014, with my final goal being 110lbs down. As such, I've made a rule for myself that I will NOT try on dresses until I've lost at least 70lbs (by my current projections, this will be between January-March 2015).

My question is this: Is that enough weight to try on dresses? I ask because apparently they can only take in/let out dresses to make up for about 30lbs in either direction. So if I get a dress 70lbs down, will they be able to alter it enough for the 30-40lbs I intend to lose during 2015? Also, I know that I should NEVER buy clothes for the weight I want to be, but should buy clothes for the weight I am. But I WILL get this weight off, particularly by the time I'm 70lbs down I think I'll have proven that I can drop another 30-40lbs.

Should I wait longer to try on dresses? Should I have them order a dress on me that's tight when I'm 70lbs down, so that it can be altered more easily down, but also altered up a little if, for whatever reason, I don't lose any more weight?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Weight Loss and Dress Fittings

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    Ask the bridal store how far in advance they need to order the dress, or what their seamstress thinks. My store said they wanted to order the dress 8 months before my wedding day. My wedding is in June 2015, and I decided on the dress I wanted in April 2014. They asked me to come back in the fall for measurements. I've lost 25lbs since then. They are going to take my measurements in the fall, order the dress in that size, and if i lose more weight over the winter, they will take it in before the wedding. I wouldn't order something that doesn't fit you. It's always easier to alter down than up. Also weight loss isn't a linear progression. Just because you lost 30 in the last 4 months, doesn't mean you will lose 30 in the next four to come. I've noticed my weight loss slowing a lot since the beginning.
  • Depending on the design of the dress a good tailor should be able to take a dress in up to 10 sizes but letting out a dress is pretty difficult and sometimes impossible without leaving marks. I would wait as long as you can and go buy the dress based on your measurements that day. Speak with the manager tell them your plan and make sure that the dresses you pick are the kind that can be taken in that much. Weight loss can slow down as you get closer to your goal weight and it would be horrible if you ordered something too small and then tried to crash diet before your wedding. Depending on what types of dresses you are looking at you may be able to wait longer. A Lazaro, Jim Hjlem, or other similar designer takes 6-8 months without a rush order so if your wedding is in October I would say even for a designer dress you have until Feb or you could pay to rush it and go shopping in later. At a place like david's bridal you could do it even closer to the wedding since most of their dresses are in store I believe.
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    I would try to wait as long as possible. It seems like you are doing awesome, and I believe you that you will get to your target, but it is a very aggressive target and you want to give yourself time to meet it. Additionally, with that amount of weight loss your body might change shape some (although I do think we all kind of have a natural shape, we are talking about a big difference in weight here) and the type of gown that looks good on you at say 150 pounds won't be the same gown that looks good at 110. What is your wedding dress budget? Will you definitely be buying from a bridal store? I ask because if you have a small budget (like I do) you could consider something off the rack from a retailer or from a bridal consignment and then your turn around time would be much shorter in terms of getting a dress (would mostly just need time to pick something out and get alterations done). Alternatively, look at dress brands you like and find out what their turn around time is. I was at a shop with a bride last fall and the Amsale rep was there. She claimed that they could get a dress done in 8 weeks with a rush (which generally does cost extra). I'm not advising you do that, I'm just saying each brand is different and it would be helpful to know the outside window, but do leave time for alterations and woopsies. Grr, TK ate my paragraphs
  • I tried on and bought a dress in January.... and then lost 20 pounds. They were able to size the dress down four sizes no problem... but it just didn't look the same. Also, I was so pumped with my weight loss I found myself daydreaming about dresses I didn't have the confidence to try on back in January. So I freaked out and bought a new dress 7 weeks before the wedding. It's just a David's Bridal dress, but if you order them online yourself (NOT through the store - in the store they will inexplicably tell you if they order a dress it will take 8 weeks to arrive) they arrive in a couple weeks so it was perfect.

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