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The Westin - Punta Cana

Hello there!

I am just wondering if anyone had their wedding/plan to have their wedding at the Westin - Punta Cana resort? I am trying to access their Wedding Brochure on their website ( but the link to the brochure is broken. I reached out via email, but have yet to hear back.

Basically, if anyone has had their destination wedding at this location or plan to, what're your thoughts and advice? I am trying to see if this would be an affordable option as it seems like options are pretty slim if you're bringing a pet. My fiancé and I are planning on bringing our 6lb Yorkie to our destination wedding and the Westin hotels are one of the only resorts that are pet friendly. Any other hotel doesn't seem to be as luxurious.

Side note: I had no idea even choosing a location for a wedding would be this difficult! I've been looking at St. Thomas (USVI) as well and Key West, FL for locations, too. I fell in love with the Westin - Key West location, but it seems pretty pricey and out of our budget.



Re: The Westin - Punta Cana

  • I have not looked into this property for a wedding, but I have looked into it for a vacation. It's relatively new and still working out some kinks. It's not all inclusive either, if that matters.

    One other thing to consider is that even though Westin resorts allow small dogs, getting the dog into the DR may be more difficult than it's worth. I would do your due diligence and fully understand the rules of bringing your pet into any country before booking your destination.


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