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October 2014 Weddings

48 Days To Go, Still Need $3000!

If anything could go wrong, it would be this! One hundred invites out and a contract for sixty people. Someone shoot me now!! Back story: a close relative offered to pay for our wedding (whoo hoo!), and as we were compiling the guest list, we forgot about a lot of people. Fast forward to this month, our family member will not be paying for the overage (and rightfully so). I don't know whether to postpone, cancel, cut-back... ugh!

Re: 48 Days To Go, Still Need $3000!

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    Did the people you forget about get a save the date or an invitation already? If not, you can still cut them from your list.

    What are your other WR costs? Can you cut favors? Floral? Hair and makeup? Can you select a different food option from your caterer that is cheaper per person? Switch from full bar to beer and wine? I'm sure there are some ways you can make up for the overage!

  • All invitations are sent; we're already receiving the lowest package from our venue (ceremony and reception will be held at the same place, on a Sunday). After tax and gratuity, its about $75/person (it includes the ceremony, cake, hors d'oeuvres, open bar, fish and chicken options). I am scrapping favors and programs (which I really didn't deem necessary anyway), and our centerpieces are simply lanterns, candles and rose petals; the coordinator also suggested cutting the open bar to see if that would help. Uninviting people is out of the question, which is why we are considering postponing. I am embarrased to say the least!

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    You say open bar but is that a full bar as in wine, beer and spirits? Will your venue allow you to switch to a limited bar meaning hosted wine and beer only?

  • You don't need to serve alcohol, you could just host soft drinks, or just wine and beer. That would cut down a lot.  What about cake?  Could you do a small display cake and sheet cake in the back?
  • Also another option would be to take out a personal loan and then pay back the 3000 in installments.  I know not ideal but at least it would allow you to have the wedding, and not have to postpone. 
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  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I would check with having no-bar or a limited bar.  Another option would be no-bar but see if you could still do a champagne if you were looking for doing a champagne toast.  Call your venue and ask if you can meet with them face to face so you can go over your options to see if you can cut costs.

    I know if I had already sent invites, I would feel somewhat inclined to just have the wedding and then make cuts in my personal life/spending.  Maybe cut my honeymoon down if it would save $$, go more on a ramen noodle diet (cheap food diet).

    If you have a DJ, are you able to use an ipod instead?  Could you see about cutting how long your photographer is there (or even see about getting a cheaper photographer through craigslist - somebody just starting out trying to build a portfolio). 

    Do you have any items around your house that you could try selling or have a garage/rummage sale with?

  • Yes, the open bar includes spirits, wine and beer. We are currently looking into taking out a personal loan and borrowing from a family member. My cousin is Djing, so there's one cost we don't have to incur, and our photographer is a friend from high school; she's charging us $75/hr. I sent a few prayers up, and am confident they'll be answered! Thanks for all your suggestions!
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