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to soon to register?

When would be a good time to register? a few months before your wedding? We're not getting married till November of 2015. 

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Re: to soon to register?

  • You can register whenever you want, but be aware that some things might get discontinued if you do it too soon. Personally, I think now is WAY too soon and I wouldn't think about it until next spring/summer.

    Do you think you'll have a shower? If so, you'll just want to make sure your registry is complete before invitations go out.

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    I agree that it is way too early to register. I would suggest waiting until March 15 to register. There will be a lot of stock turnover between now and November 2015, as many stores clearance out this years product line during/after Christmas, and restock in the spring. 

    You can register whenever you want, but it will be less to manage if you wait.

  • It's too soon to register. We registered about 7 months out and still had to update and remove items that were becoming discontinued. I wish we had waited until closer to 4-5 months (I had a shower three months out) because it would have been less to manage. I agree with at least waiting until Spring.
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    In addition to the fact that lots of items don't get restocked/get discontinued, a lot of people do their shopping for this sort of thing rather last minute.  Some people may look at the registry earlier to get an idea of what is on there and what to budget for if they have a specific item on it, but won't actually buy the item until shortly before the event.  5-6 months before the wedding it adequate.  If anyone happens to throw you a shower prior to the 5-6 month time frame, you'll want to have your registry complete before shower invites go out though.

  • I also agree it's too early to register. My wedding is two months after yours. I opened a private amazon registry just to get ideas as well as learn how to utilize the features.

    You can also take this time to research the best places to register and what stores have the best perks.

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  • I agree with everyone on it being too early. We registered in late June and I've already had to make a ton of changes. We inadvertently registered for a bunch of "summer" things (picnic basket, grill stuff) that all went out of stock or will soon, and it seems like many of the home decor stuff (vase, baskets, serving bowls) have been discontinued too.
  • We registered about a year in advance. I only had 1 issue with something on my registry being discontinued. It was bath towels I had on our registry. The store emailed me and suggested changing the towels since they were being discontinued but after I replaced them with different ones I got another email that they werent being discontinued till November. I think right now is too early but if you want you cant start in October or a year out. Its nice to let family know too since you have the holidays as well. We actually got a few gifts from our registry for Xmas last year :)


  • I think it all depends on your situation. I'm getting married in November 2015 as well and I plan on registering this weekend (hence my scoping out the registry board.) I am registering early because about 90% of our guests will be coming in from out of town so we're sending out the Save The Dates in January, which have our wedding website on them. I want the registry to be on there if they're interested in looking at it.


    I understand that as a result I'll probably have to do some maintenance throughout the year but I'm okay with that - who doesn't love shopping?

  • I'm getting married October 2016 and already started our registry- just for the perks! Macy's has a great rewards program that we want to take full advantage of! :) I have a few thing on there like Fiesta ware, a knife set, and pots and pans that very rarely get discontinued. I plan on updating next spring/summer before my shower. 
  • I definitely agree with PPs on it being a bit too early. I know how exciting it can be to dream about your future home together and the special things you would like to receive! Trust me, I was thinking about registries and bouquets before I was engaged ;) But definitely wait a bit... We are getting married in July and registered late December. I make updates to it now and then as we think through certain items. One good piece of advice the man at The Bay (a Canadian version of Macy's) gave us was to be wary of registering for seasonal things, or things that look like they are on clearance. They definitely won't be around as your shower and wedding approach. 
  • We registered 9 months out and have already had about 8 items from our registry discontinued. I would wait until you at least have a shower date in the works and then just be sure to register before invitations go out. If no one is throwing you a shower, i would say at least a month or two before wedding invitations go out.

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