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Wearing "The Dress" to a reception thrown in hometown


Re: Wearing "The Dress" to a reception thrown in hometown

  • I am having a DW with a big, formal reception back home. I definitely plan on wearing my dress again. But then again, I don't know how casual your at home reception is going to be. I am having a reception with around 250 people back home and I know a lot of them will want that experience. I am also having my bridesmaids wear their dresses (some aren't going to be able to make the wedding, but I still am considering them bridesmaids - say what you want about that). 

    I also recently went to a reception from a couple that got married in Jamaica and had their reception around a month after and she wore her dress, her bridesmaids wore their dresses, and her husband and the groomsmen all wore full tuxes again (I haven't decided on that part yet). 

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    I don't see why not, if its a wedding reception why would you not wear it.If its a backyard bbq then I can see how you wouldn't want it messy but otherwise, its your dress and that's a reason to wear it more than once. In an effort not to feel "overdressed" have ur guests dress for the occasion, have fun!

    Because an AHR is NOT a wedding reception.  Your wedding reception is for your wedding guests, and it takes place on your wedding day, AFTER the ceremony!  Your AHR is a party to celebrate your marriage.  It is NOT a second wedding reception, and dressing up like a bride does not make it one.  It is not a PPD Reception.
    It is also somewhat insulting to your guests to try and make your AHR a B list wedding reception.
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    I think my problem with this thread is everyone thinking that Every. Single. Wedding dress is a big poofy white gown with a trailing veil.  For my wedding, I will be buying a dress I can wear again.  It may be fairly fancy, but it will not be white and it would likely be something I would wear to another friend's fancier event or maybe a New Years Eve party.  Just because it also happened to be my "wedding dress" doesn't mean I don't get to wear it for another party I throw at my home, to another friend's wedding, or even to garden in my fucking yard.  It's a fucking dress.  Knotties, you don't get to tell adults how to dress.  Wear the damn wedding dress to the At Home Reception.  People may roll their eyes at you, but you're not breaking etiquette.

    ETA:  HAVING the AHR on the other hand...
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