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September 2015 brides...weightloss buddy?

Hey ladies!

I am getting married in Mexico on September 4th of next year! The time is fast approaching and I would like to lose 35 lbs. I realize I have 12 months but I would like to lose the majority before I start trying on dresses as I dont want to have a million alterations. I also think it will be more enjoyable to dress shop at a weight I am more comfortable with.

Anyone want to buddy up and share exercise tips, healthy recipes etc? I think I need someone to hold me accountable and motivate me! Any other fall brides want to buddy up with me? :)

Re: September 2015 brides...weightloss buddy?

  • Ha! Good for you, 5 am?? I can barely drag my old ass out of bed by 7 for work. I just figured someone to track goals with and keep me positive but I guess unless someone chains the fridge shut thats kind of hard! :)


    If you're getting married in 2016 you have plenty of time! Good luck! Let me know how Zumba goes? I need to find a gym that isnt crazy expensive but that has good classes like that. What gym do you belong to?

  • Hi ladies, 

    I'm sept 2015 as well and I'm looking to lose some weight, maybe 10-15 but mostly just tone some trouble areas. What do you have in mind for a buddy? I have myfitnesspal but I don't use it often as I find it a bit of a pain to have to look everything up. I started at the gym a month ago and that's been going well but I haven't lost anything. 
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  • Hi All! I'm also September 2015! I'm trying to lose about 50 lbs. I'm tall so it's really only two dress sizes for me.
    I'm been tracking my calories with myfitnesspal and exercising 5/6 days a week. Cardio, hand weights, zumba, and spin class!
  • I'm also a September 2015 bride, travelling from the England to marry in Las Vegas. Am hoping to lose around 7 to 10lbs but mainly to tone up a lot. I have ordered my dress so don't want the alterations to be huge when it comes in ( around April 2015).
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  • I was thinking maybe we can share tips that have worked for us or share any healthy but yummy recipes we have made. We eat a lot of baked/grilled chicken and fish in my house with veggies for dinner. That gets old quick!

    Always looking for good exercise tips too bc I just do a lot of cardio but I know I need to do strength training as well and could use some routines if any of you ladies have any or a good work out DVD you use?
  • I don't have much for recipes, I'm looking for some as well. 

    I have been taking classes at my gym (The Athletic Club - I think it's only Canadian?) My favourites for a good workout are kickboxing and something they call 20-20-20. It's 20 mins of step, 20 mins of upper body with free weights and 20 mins of abs/ stretching. It's great for a full body workout in an hour. I did P90X for awhile but I had trouble staying motivated and keeping it up. I like the gym because I make plans to go with friends and end up following through because I don't want to be that person who bails. 
    I am looking for gym workouts so I don't have to plan around classes. I'm looking primarily to tone my back and arms and get rid of my love handles. Any great workout routines out there?
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  • I am also September 2015. I would like to lose close to 70 lbs by my wedding day. I would love to be at 35lbs down by the 6 month mark. I am looking into signing up for a weekly Zumba or Jazzercise class, power walking 2 times per week, and strength training 3 times per week (maybe using the 30 day shred program on an extended basis). I have already started adjusting my diet. We will see how it goes!
  • I'm October of 2015! I would like to lose around 50-60 pounds, but I would like a good chunk of it to be gone before I start trying on dresses. Clothes shopping is a hellish experience for me now, and I want to remember shopping for my wedding dress as a happy experience. I've just started running 4x a week, an hour and a half of Irish dance on Tuesdays, and then 30 minutes of walking and strength training on other days.

    For me, I'm mostly worried about food. I can hear those mashed potatoes calling my name...

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  • I can't say enough about the Nutribullet...I've been replacing breakfast with a veggie shake (and sometimes dinner too) for a week now and my stomach is already flattening out.  Should be quite the difference by Sept 2015!


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  • I dont eat breakfast now, probably one of my problems. Thats a good idea! Dont know if I could do that for dinner though @DaniBites lol
  • We're likely doing September 2015 wedding, so I'm up for motivation :) I'm on MyFitnessPal - acurls8 is my user name!

    - AC
  • I'm September 2015 too! There's a few of us! Maybe we should start a Sept '15 thread for us to keep checking in?
  • I'm september 2015, too!  35 pounds by next year is more than doable!! Last spring, from April-August, I lost 25 pounds by using weight watchers.  I still ate pizza and drank beer, but in more appropriate portions. I still want to lost another 10 pounds by next september so I would love to keep checking in with all you ladies!
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