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Wedding Planner or no Wedding Planner?

I just recently got engaged and my fiance are looking at a somewhat small wedding and reception. Around 150 people with a small budget. We want to try and stay under $10,000. Is a wedding planner really necessary? I have a lot of my own ideas and I feel like I'm kind of doing a good job at what I have on paper and a bunch of my friends are all willing to help. If a wedding planner is not suggested is a DOC suggested instead? 

Re: Wedding Planner or no Wedding Planner?

  • On a 10K budget, I wouldn't waste money on a planner (to be bluntly honest, you might be hard pressed to find a reputable planner willing to take on a $10K wedding).

    You don't need a planner at all. I would wager that 99% of the brides here plan without planners - which makes this community an excellent planning resource. If you set your budget, prioritize it, and stick to it, wedding planning is very doable. The hardest stuff was dealing with family, not dealing with wedding vendors.

    DOCs, however, can be a very wise idea. If your venue doesn't have a dedicated coordinator with full-day service, I'd consider it (though again, these aren't necessary). We hired a full-service catering company that offered a coordinator's services, so one wasn't necessary for us to hire a DOC. She was a tremendous help during the day though by keeping everything running and checking in with me. Start looking to book your venues and see what they can offer you.
  • A wedding planner is never necessary, and probably not wise for your budget and guest list. I found A Practical Wedding, both the website and the book, immensely helpful for planning. The website has a whole section called Logistics with articles on everything from timeline to how to set up tables to how to make backdrops or centerpieces. You might want to start here.

    As PP mentioned, a day of coordinator can be helpful if you need help setting stuff up. Our families volunteered to help, so we didn't hire one.
  • I think your best bet is getting a day of coordinator. Get quotes and see if you can fit one into your budget.
  • It depends how complicated things are. If you're not doing anything that requires a lot of logistics and you have a decent amount of time, there's no reason you can do this yourself. It's your FI's wedding too and he should help plan it. A DOC is a good idea if you are coordinating a lot of vendors and/or have a complicated logistics. Otherwise, it's probably doable without one.

    Use the ladies here as a resource. We are freeeee!

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