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What Price range should I expect for these designers


Going in to try on dresses next week and was wondering if anyone can tell me the price range I would expect to see for these designers

Monique Lhuillier 
Oscar De La Renta 
Carlina Herrera

I don't think I'll do a ball gown unless its a drop waist. Probably looking more at aline or fit and flare and none with over beading or details but who knows until I start trying them on. Thanks!

Re: What Price range should I expect for these designers

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    These are prices from, so keep that in mind:

    Marchesa: $300-$6500
    Monique Lhuillier: $275-$12,150
    Oscar De La Renta: $990-$10,500
    Carolina Herrera: $2500-$7500+

    New from the factory will likely run considerably higher.

    I'm the fuck

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    missdelilahmissdelilah member
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    My sister purchased a very simply gown by Monique Lhuillier for $5000. I just had a lace overlay; no beading or anything. I was told that this isn't particularly expensive for her, and I've seen others at $13,000. I'm sorry I don't have any experience with the other designers. I don't know the name of her dress, but here's a picture of it (I blurred out a few faces because I don't know whether my sister and another of her BMs would be comfortable with me sharing it). That's if it will even attach. You may get a second post of it. Keep in mind that the dress came in about four sizes too big, but she decided not to send it back. I don't think that she had the world's greatest seamstress. I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like though.
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    You are most likely looking at $5000 and up.  And like PP said, $5000 is on the very simple side, so if you want something a bit more extravagant then you are probably easily looking at $8500+

    Is there a reason you want to go with these designers?  If you have the funds then go for it, but if you do have a limited budget then there are plenty of other more reasonable designers with similar dresses that a better cost.  And honestly, unless you announce to me that you are wearing X designer then I will have no clue who your dress is by.
    I have to agree with Maggie on this one.  I have no clue who designs what dress and as someone who attended five weddings in the last two years (and just got married!)  I couldn't tell you one difference between the women who spent $500-$1,000 and $2,000-$10,000!  They all looked fantastic!!!
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    Most are $5K and up. My Monique Lhuillier fall 2014 gown was $9900 and thankfully only needs a hem. purchased last Monday. The Marchesa's I tried were under that price as were the Reem Acras and Vera Wangs. My FI gave my budget to the consultant and not me. I wanted to stay under $2-3k. I did not know the price until after I fell in love and he paid for it. As PP said, if you have the budget deff check them out. The fabric is amazing as are the details. I did see a nice ball gown at Demetrios today when looking at BM dresses which would have saved money but it was not me as I ended up with a mermaid perfect for our beach wedding. Good luck!
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    I am simply too practical to even think of paying $5000 for a dress I could only wear once.  This is from my frugal nature.
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    lilacck28lilacck28 member
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    My fiance's cousin bought a Monique Lhullier from someone in NYC for $1,500 (I think it was through preowned wedding dresses.) She lives in NYC so she was able to try it on in person. It was an older dress, fairly simple fitted/ maybe fit and flair? with lace overlay. Reem Acra dresses were my dream dresses, but way over budget. I found a dress that had some of the features of the Reem Acra that I loved (ultra feminine, little sleeves, flowery top, flowy bottom) at a boutique for $700.
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