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What to do with 1st wedding dress?

I'll be getting married in a few months. My first wedding dress has always just been sitting in a closet in a room I never use. What do I do with it to get rid of it?

Re: What to do with 1st wedding dress?

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    I sold mine on eBay before I was even divorced! You could try to find a place that takes donations as well, or you would even try to sell it on TK's classifieds forums!


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    Depending on how old it is, Brides For Cancer is a good option. 
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  • American Cancer Center received my dress, tiara and shoes.


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  • Try selling or donating it.
  • I ended up donating mine as well, to a local gal who needed one and she was able to fit mine (which was custom made). I was so happy when she was able to fit it.
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  • I am thinking about selling or donating mine too. I will have to look into the classifieds . Good idea.

  • Selling or donating is a great idea even though burning it  could be fun.  JK!
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  • Sell it, donate it to Brides for Cancer, donate it to local thrift store or if you have a local community theather group or college that has a theater department donate it to them to use for costumes.


  • I turned mine into a Halloween costume (it was a black and silver ballgown).
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    I donated mine.




  • I am probably going to make some people unhappy when I say this but I am wearing my original dress for my wedding in November.

    My Story:
    My ex-fiance left me 6 hours before the ceremony. Never had the dress on on the wedding day. Ex-fiance never saw the dress and never gave a shit about it really. My mom was the only one who saw it after it was altered. 

    My current fiance already knows all that and suggested I wear my dress because he knew I picked it out myself and it was never worn and my ex had no input on it. If my fiance had any negative feelings I would have put that one to the side and looked for something different. I have even brought it up a few more times just to clarify with him. 
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    zombie thread.




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