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How many Tiers are needed?

I was wondering if there is any rule of thumb as to how many tiers we should include on our wedding cake. We are having between 180 and 200 people there (not all the RSVP's are back) - I know that they baker could offer suggestions but I also know they are in it for the money so they may over quote us to benefit themselves. How many people does each tier feed on average? I also don't want a ton of cake left over that we won't know what to do with since we will immediately be embarking on a 3 week honeymoon... Any Suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks

Also I'm sorry if this has been asked before - but I couldn't find it and started going cross eyed while looking.

Re: How many Tiers are needed?

  • Use this (<-- clicky) to get some ideas.  How many tiers you need depends on the size of the cake you want.  For example, you could get 200 wedding servings out of a 16 inch square and a 12 inch square, so two tiers.  Or you could do four tiers using different rounds (16 inch, 12 inch, 9 inch, 6 inch). 

    How many tiers - and how much cake - may also depend on who is cutting your cake.  If your venue, DOC or the baker him-/herself is cutting the cake you're probably okay not over-ordering on cake as those individuals will be familiar with a standard wedding cake serving.  If you are hiring someone else - a family friend, someone from church, etc. - who isn't familiar with the wedding cake serving size, then you probably need to over order to ensure you have enough. 

    Another option is to just pick a small cake you like for cutting and to use sheet cakes in the same flavor and with a similar base icing to supplement.  Sheet cakes can also be easier to cut and serve. 

  • It's going to depend on how many people each layer serves. Talk to your baker about this and just make sure you have at least 1 piece per person. I'd probably advise having extra cake because..... it's cake!

  • If you select a baker with super yummy cake, you won't have to worry about having leftovers. The design you choose has more to do with the price-point than anything else. The simpler the design for your baker the less it'll cost you. Start with choosing your design and go from there for how many tiers it'll be. You could do one super-large tier to serve all of your guests. Or you could do a tall, skinny cake with 10 tiers to serve your guests. Also, tell whomever is serving the cake to serve up any remaining cake for guests to enjoy a slice later in the evening or take one home with them.
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    All wonderful ideas and resources! Thank you so much ladies!!
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