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Non-WR stress...

So I'm not feeling stress about the wedding at all...it's small and just a dinner so it's not too much of a production.  But today I didn't get very good news about my dog.  My dog has been having kidney issues since last year, associated with dental infections.  She had yet another "bout" of it a few weeks ago so they removed another bad tooth.  The treatment they give isn't much, it's IV fluids that I have to give to her daily.  We've been giving them to her daily for the past two weeks, and while her kidney level did improve some during the first week, I took her back today and the level is much worse than ever.  I thought she was getting better.  She wants to eat as usual.  She had been having some issues with losing the use of her hind legs during the first week, but in the past week we haven't noticed any issues.  Basically, they would be happy if her one blood level was at 60 or below (which 60 still is quite higher than a normal level).  When she had the tooth out it had been up in the 80's.  After week one of fluids it went down to 78...so we did another week of fluids, and it was 101 today.  I said that since she is turning 15 this month, I am not willing to continue with the fluids if they haven't worked much during this past week - she hates getting them and runs and hides now when she sees us getting them ready.  Anyway, sorry for the story.  I am just now worried about her and when she will begin to decline, and will it be around the wedding?  What if it's while we're on our honeymoon?? 

Re: Non-WR stress...

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    When my dog was diagnosed with cancer, she was not a candidate for chemo because she didn't take to the amputation as well as they though she would (we had her evaluated by 1 vet, 2 oncologists and 1 orthopedic vet before proceeding with the amputation).  The oncologist I was going to use for Chemo tried a few things before calling and saying 'There's nothing I can do try this guy, he's a holistic vet and I think he can help you'.  Giving me that number was probably the greatest thing the oncologist vet could have done.  He got my dog walking proper and prevented the spread of the cancer to her organs until the cancer took her in other ways (another bone tumor pushing into her spine that couldn't have been prevented).  Here is a website that you can see if there is a holistic vet in your area (I had to travel to get to mine, but my dog loved car rides so it was fine): http://www.ahvma.org/Widgets/FindVet.html

  • Thanks for the resource, @Dignity100, I appreciate it!
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I'm sorry your puppy isn't doing well. :( Watching your pet decline has to be one of the hardest things to go through. I hope you are able to keep her comfortable and happy for as long as you can. Hugs!!

  • hkda2003hkda2003 member
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    I'm so sorry about your dog :( I know I would be a wreck dealing with that. 

    I'm having some crazy non WR stress as well. Earlier this week, my FI's work truck was broken into, and about 7 thousand dollars worth of tools were stolen. They broke all of the locks, and he is now unable to get in and out of his truck to access the tools he does have. He is so discouraged, and so am I, as he was just starting to really build up his business. 

    On top of that, my Pop pop (Mom's father) passed away last night. My whole family is really going through a lot right now. He had cancer, and we all knew it was coming, but he had mentioned several times that he just wanted to make it to the wedding... I just gotta keep moving along and trying to stay positive. 

    Thoughts and prayers for your dog, because I know a dog is just as much a family member as a person!!!
  • Oh my, @hkda2003 - I am very sorry for your loss.  I'm sorry he was unable to make it to see your wedding day, but glad to know he is at peace and out of pain.  *HUGS*

    Also, so sorry about your FI's truck!  That is terrible.  Perhaps insurance will help cover it?  How frustrating!

    Thanks for your thoughts for my dog.  :)

  • hkda2003hkda2003 member
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    edited August 2014
    We have looked into all insurance for coverage. His business insurance, renters, and car insurance. None of them cover it all for various reasons. It is very frustrating!!
  • OMG, that sucks!  I can't believe nothing covers it!!!  Why do we even have insurance???
  • It's a long story... His name wasn't on the renters insurance, even though he's on the lease, it doesn't matter. But it was only my apartment before he moved in, and I didn't think to add him. He should have had commercial vehicle insurance, but only had ordinary car insurance, and his business insurance didn't include tool coverage, bc he wasn't properly advised by his business insurance agent. So technically if we had both been better grown ups, we would have made better decisions to cover our butts incase of something like this... You live and you learn I guess!
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