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We're calling it a bridal shower...


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    Oh my goodness some people got very rude on here very fast! Nontraditional weddings are becoming more popular every year!

    Anyway let’s forget about all the negative Nancy’s out there! You are getting married to the love of your life! You want a nontraditional way to share this excitement with your friends and family!

    1.       I have heard of people doing parties like this for destination wedding. In my experience even though they were not at the actual wedding, extended friends and family were thrilled to be invited to celebrate the love of two people they care for.

    2.       I have seen invitations that say “We have everything we need but would love you help to send us on the trip of our dreams.” ( I also saw one that was pretty awesome. It was an invitation for a couple living together and instead giving gifts they encouraged people to donate to their favorite local charity. (Pinterest... if its on Pinterest you know it's not totally uncommon) 

    Just some ideas! Enjoy your big day! 

    Welcome to TK!  May I suggest you find your way over to the "etiquette" board?  They have some pretty good ideas over there too!
    Etticate. It is etticate board :)

    Why did you post this?

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