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First meeting with a DJ?

I am meeting with a potential DJ (most likely who we will choose, bc we know his work due to previous weddings) next week and am wondering what this meeting will consist of. With everyone's experiences, we will not need to know specific songs at this point, correct? We have not thought about this at all yet!

Re: First meeting with a DJ?

  • When we met with our first potential DJ in person, the one who we actually ended up booking, they talked about their services, what they could provide, they showed us their website as they have a client portal and walked us through the client portal (the client portal is where we can choose our special songs for cake cutting, first dance, mother/son, father/daughter, songs that are must play, would like to play, do not play etc....they also have a guest request link were guests can request songs prior to the wedding that they would like to hear in addition to asking the DJ at the wedding), our DJ then talked about the contract and pricing. 
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  • thank you Caitlin. That helped me very much. I was having a little anxiety bc I have nothing planned to discuss tomorrow (when we meet)!!
  • You're welcome! He also told us that he was our DJ for our wedding night, however they have back-ups if anything were to happen to him and he were unable to attend, we would be assigned someone else. He also talked about food options for the night, they accept going through the buffet line or if your doing a plated entree, our DJ company doesn't except the boxed vendor meals. He then asked us if we would like to book now, or would like to talk it over and think about it, but we already knew that we wanted to book them as they were one of the cheaper options in our area, and they came with a ton of things i.e. unlimited consultations in their office, the client portal, wireless mic, LED dance floor lighting, $495 for 5 hrs and they do the ceremony for free if its in the same room, and only $75 dollars if its not, and everybody raved about them where I am from. Also, nice name!! :D
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  • Wow, that is a great price. I have not been able to find decent DJs with that price!  

    Yes, great name!

  • When we met with our DJ I didn't have anything except our venue chosen. He just went over what they offer for services and showed us a few examples of uplighting they provide as well as videos of weddings they've done on YouTube. He explained how the timeline works the day of and showed us how to navigate their website if we were to choose them. 
    I still don't have my songs chosen but a lot of DJs have lists of recommendations on their client website so I'll be checking that out soon for ideas.
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