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Inexpensive quickie ceremony options

My FI's cousin and her fiance have been talking about eloping for ages and they will be coming to our Vegas wedding.  I suggested that since most of the family will be there already, why don't they just do it while we're all together?  She was concerned about "stealing our thunder" but that's not an issue because it would be after ours anyway and they are literally looking to just make it legal without a bunch of frills.  She said they are thinking they want to go to the courthouse to do it but I was like, "Holy moly, lady!  You're in VEGAS!  You have so many options!"  Her FI is from the UK and all he knows of Vegas is cheesy stuff he's seen in movies.  I told her there are other nice options but I don't remember where I saw them.  I did recall Chapel of the Flowers so I sent her that info but do any of you have any other suggestions.  They don't NEED photos, etc. but it would be nice.  Chapel of the Flowers has a small package for $395.  I think they're looking to stay under $500.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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Re: Inexpensive quickie ceremony options

  • I'd say look into Quad and PH. They both have super cheap packages ($199 I think). 
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  • Thank you!  Ooh, I just remembered someone talking about The Las Vegas Wedding Wagon.  That might be a great option, too, since they will come to wherever you want.
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    During my scouting visit last weekend, I saw a guerilla wedding in front of bellagio.  One of the officiants recommended by VegasGroom was there (i recognized her from the photos), as well as the bride + groom, and a photog.  They were getting married at about 7pm with a small crowd around them.

    If I didn't have a large number of guests and wanted to keep it cheap, that's what I would do. I mean the officiant + photog alone is like 1500 if you get their full blown packages. 
  • Yeah I'd be inclined to skip the chapel altogether and hire an officiant to come to them, hire a photog for an hour, should be easily doable for <$500.  Just make sure they do the whole pre-register for the license, etc. routine so they don't waste half a day getting the license last minute.

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    Yep, I told her about pre-registering so I think they're doing that.  If they don't for whatever reason, they'll be in Vegas for about 5 days for our wedding so there is a little time regarding the license.  Me though, I've been counting down the days until I can register and I'm in the window now, baby!  WOOO! :)
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  • The Wedding Wagon will go to their location and I believe it was $129 when I looked at it earlier on the year. Most chapels also have inexpensive packages. I was just married at Vegas Weddings and loved it but there are tons of options. I agree, they don't need anything fancy but something a step up from the courthouse ( unless that's truly what they want)!
  • I hope people don't mind me jumping in but I feel I can contribute more now that I have been there and got married then before.

    I used the Wedding Wagon and they were easy to use. $129.00 they come wherever you want. The wedding ceremony was very nice and depending on where you get married can be very intimate. I was married at Symphony Park in front of the Pipe Dream Wall and no one was around at all but us. They do take pictures that turned out very nice. I was very happy and would recommend them highly.
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