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Sandals Grande St. Lucian Weddingmoon-As promised

Ok, I am posting this as I said. I have never been out of the country just for an FYI. We went Sat to Sat and got married on that Thurs. I know when I was trying to find info on Sandals I just had a hard time finding info! So as I said I m going to give my complete review on it to help the others or try and answer any questions. I am sure it is not the same everywhere but here we go.

First, take a pen with you. Magically, Charlotte didnt have enough of the custom forms and we had to fill it out when we arrived in St. Lucia. However, they didn't have pens. I didn't have one because I didn't bring my pocketbook. The customs line moved quickly. When you get to the other side they have people who are asking you what resort you at and they send you where you need to go. You go to a host stand they ask how many luggage tags you need. Then they take your items and you go to a waiting room were there is a bathroom and you can get something drink. Go to the bathroom. It takes like 90 mins to get to the resort. Tip the luggage guys. 

We left, long ride with a stop or two to take pics and they explain the history and stuff you as pass it. We get to the resort they unload the luggage and you go off to sit down. They greet you and you get a drink and they explain some stuff to you. Then they take you to the room. Your luggage is there! That was awesome. They also had our room decorated and we had champagne and fruit. Congrats cards. It was awesome. They told me our planner name and when our appt was the next day. We unpacked and relaxed went and walked around to see where everything is. (There is an orientation but we were too lazy to do that) We went and had dinner at the Pub. It was yummy! Order all you like. All Inclusive!! LOL. I think we just had a chill night that night. 

There are boards that are up with events and times every day. So if you are looking for things to do there you go. Beer pong, bingo. They have shuffleboard, checkers. They have pools close to action or kinda away if you want it to be peaceful. Swings, hammocks, fire pits, and hot tubs all around! The watersports if you never did something before you had a lil training class on it and those were at like 10 and 2 I believe then it's first come, first serve. We did the hobby cat that was awesome. I was a lil worried but the hubby did a good job. Went Kayaking and went too far out and the Sandals boat came and told us to come back in the current was taking us. That was a workout to get back!! lol. We had planned on Scuba diving, riding the horses, evening party boat, and something else but if you are getting your schedule is kinda tight. We didnt know ahead of time that the excursions start early in the morning not something through out the day. For instance Monday we had a meeting with the lawyer ok well we couldnt hiking cause they leave at like 7! I did manage to move my nails from Tues to Wed so we had two full days of nothing. We decided not to do Scuba diving cause we could get certified here and do it. So to make up some time we did the JJ's tour! Awesome. You take a speed boat out across the ocean and they stop and show you stuff and talk about it. We went snorkeling! Amazing till the jelly fish got us. Ugh. We were alright though. You stop and eat some local food like a buffet type. They had this small pool there and they played music and we danced and had a pool party. Then on the way back it was booze cruise!! Awesome and worth the money and you are gone for half the day. So we knocked somethings and saved a lil money. 

 They have a shuttle schedule so if you want to go to one of the other resorts you can. We didnt we were good just being there. They said if take the shuttle to the la toc...him not that one the other one I cant think of the name and get a cab from there to town its cheaper. If you wanted to go. During the day you dont need reservations at night you dont except at the Gordons (Not included unless butler service but you can pay) and the Italian restaurant. You have to dress up a lil at night. No swimsuits flip flops etc. 

They took us around Monday and showed us all the wedding and reception places. I know I wanted the beach but after we saw it we knew that was it! It's beautiful. The Pistons are in the background and everything. We signed some paperwork and talked about the wedding. Like what we ordered if we wanted to add anything. We ended up adding a steel drum band and they had left off my lilac linens so we added that. I didnt realize you do like an actually wedding, wedding. We got our schedule with times for picture viewing. For when you wanted breakfast in bed and wedding dinner. Special menus you picked our items. They asked what we wanted our first song to be. Wasnt expecting that. They gave us picture checklist and it had all the typical pics you wanted and if you had somewhere you wanted to go you could add it. I also got pics at the spa, getting ready and all that. I wasnt expecting that! We also met our photographer he was nice and awesome! We had the resort do our pics and I didnt know how they were going to turn out. They are amazing!!! 4:00 was the perfect time. The sun goes down during a lil after that time and we even got trash the dress pics in the ocean. Awesome!! 

 I had the Spa do my hair and makeup because I am not that talented and didnt know what to expect. During the trial she does it. Pics help. Originally, she had used a small curling iron and i told the curls were too small and generally I used a flat iron. My makeup was good! Better than what I could do. I sent a pic to a friend and she said I needed more mascara. The next day she did the flat iron, hair was awesome and makeup. They use Paul Mitchel and Red Lane spa items. Not sure on the brand of makeup though. My manicure and pedicure were great. Everyone is so nice.

 Wedding day was the most relaxing and stress free time ever. We went to the pool that morning, spa, had pizza and a drink. It was the best decision ever. The photographer, videographer, and planner were a lil late getting over to me but they were with the family and groom in the waiting area taking pics and stuff. We took pics of me getting my dress on and all that and they want to smile, smile, smile. The videographer had you doing stuff. My bouquet was sooooo pretty!!! The planner helps you out takes down to were you need to go. When I walked out...not a care in the world. It was so amazing. We did the 30 min free reception and just paid $15 for each add. person. The band played. We did speeches, cake cutting, toast and all that!! We got to play with the band and then it was off to taking pics. Our family stayed off the resort but paid for the day pass which lets them have access to the resort till 6. (There is a later one till 2 am) So we did our white glove fancy dinner that night with our Bestman and MOH. Hubby went to sleep at like 10 and I was ready to party. Lamo. LOL. 

We bought dinner on the beach and did that Friday night cause I wanted to something since we would be married by then. i will say the base pic package and video was not enough. I didnt know we would get all those extra pics. Spend the extra$800. Its $24 for a pic. The base is lik 40 some just go ahead and budget for the 110 pics or so. The video descent but I dont think worth what we paid but its St Lucia so you know lol. We got two copies. Snapshots is the ish. They are so helpful and nice!!

 I will update this as i think about it and if anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer them.
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Re: Sandals Grande St. Lucian Weddingmoon-As promised

  • I love your pictures! Where did your husband :) get his attire? Is it linen? I am still trying to decide what the best option for obtaining fiance's attire is. We are thinking of doing the vest instead of a suit as well. I can't believe that I have my dress, shoes, necklace, undergarments and its probably going to be cheaper than fiance's outfit. Did you wear your wedding dress to your white glove dinner?

    Thank you so much for giving a full review! I plan on doing this as well as I feel the Sandals brides just do not have quite as much information. I think we have decided not to book anything until we arrive as we want to be able to be lazy and not always on a schedule.

    I would love to see more pictures! I am so glad that your photos came out nicely and it definitely makes me more confident with the photographer.
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  • Yes, all linen. His shirt we ordered online because no where had purple in linen. Mens warehouse. :) wow! My stuff was expensive but not too bad. Got my dress new on eBay and jewelry from Etsy. He loved his it cause it helped keep him cool.

    We trashed my dress and his suit in the ocean. Awesome! I had dresses I had for my bridal shower and stuff I wore that looked wedding ish.
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  • I love your photos! I guess I will have to check Men's Warehouse out. My dad said that they are pretty affordable. We will probably do a white linen shirt. Did you rent or buy? I bought my dress for $99 during the Davids Bridal annual sale, shoes for $20 and necklace for $75. I bet my alterations will be the most expensive part at least if I go through Davids Bridal. I can't believe I am finished except alterations and all I have for Fiance is his Tie.
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  • Thank you! Dang $99 nice. Mine was $130 maybe a lil less. We bought his suit. Esp. Being gone for a week. Ah, so exciting! Better to be ahead of the game then last minute.
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  • I love your photos! I guess I will have to check Men's Warehouse out. My dad said that they are pretty affordable. We will probably do a white linen shirt. Did you rent or buy? I bought my dress for $99 during the Davids Bridal annual sale, shoes for $20 and necklace for $75. I bet my alterations will be the most expensive part at least if I go through Davids Bridal. I can't believe I am finished except alterations and all I have for Fiance is his Tie.
    Find a local tailor, it will be much cheaper than Davids! Good Luck! :-)
  • I know that I don't post here (I've learned a lot by reading) but I saw this and couldn't resist. I'm getting married in Mexico in November and we just ordered FI's outfit from an online store called Island Importer.  We also got a white linen shirt and it was a very decent price and great quality. Fit true to size too.  We didn't search around a lot but like what we found. My clothes, on the other hand, haven't been as easy to choose... :)
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    That's where we got his shirt. Yea i used our dry cleaners for my alterations. They did those too. My friend did Davids Bridal and they messed hers up....
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  • Lovely everything! Now I wish I had gone ahead with Sandal's. Would have saved a ton.
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