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I will be finally graduating in May. My mom, dad, and husband want to throw a huge graduation party. I am struggling between our house or our church. We have been remodeling out house and it is going great. I would love to have the party at our house to show off my husband's amazing work but the only issue is the size. Our upstairs is rather small for the area that would be appropriate for guests, but we do have our basement. We are currently finishing our basement, but I am worried that the stairs will be an issue for older people. I was going to allow guests to mingle in the yard, basement, and upstairs. The other option is the church, which as an elevator and has plenty of room. We would not have to haul tables and chairs, but we would have to haul the food.  The hubs thought it would be a good idea to have some adult yard games outside and he offered to grill ( a firefighter that can grill is pretty sexy ;-))! 

But the church is also very close to us and there are wonderful people there. The guests are 50/50...half from church and half from other places. Basically my job is to pick  a place and the three amigos ( husband is super close with my parents) will figure everything else out.

My husband is not to fond of booze...he said he really does not want to serve it at our house.  If people bring it that is fine but he is not going to add fuel to the fire.

I'm just super torn between the church and our house. What do you think would work better? And thank you for your input!

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