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Heels or barefoot?

Hey ladies! Our ceremony is on the beach and I'm debating whether or not to wear wedges or go barefoot. I'm not a huge heel person to begin with so I'm leaning towards barefoot but heels always make you feel more dressed up I guess. Who has had experience with either one and what are you planning on wearing on your feet when you walk down the aisle?

Re: Heels or barefoot?

  • I went barefoot at my beach wedding. I cannot even imagine trying to wear shoes on the beach. My dress was also long enough that it covered my feet, so even if someone looked, you could not tell if I was wearing shoes or not.


  • I haven't decided either but I will most likely wear heels. I am a huge shoe person, I am pretty much more excited to buy shoes than a wedding dress! lol. I have been saving for a pair of Manolos!

    Depending on how our ceremony is set up (if we have pavers or anything to walk on that will be my deciding factor). I will most likely get wedges to walk on the beach and then wear my fancy shoes during the reception.

  • I wore wedges during the ceremony and heels at the reception. If you are more comfortable in bare feet then go for it. It can look lovely. You can also have a nice pair of heels for some of the photos to mix it up (but realize your dress may be short if hemmed to no shoes).
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  • I'll be barefoot at least on the beach portion of our beach destination wedding. I hate wearing shoes on the beach and can't imagine even wearing wedges in the sand. 
  • I am wearing these Sandals. I chose them before I even bought my wedding dress for twenty bucks. We are getting married at a Sandals resort, most likely at a gazebo though and not on the beach. I am not sure how long these will actually end up staying on my feet after the ceremony.
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  • I will be wearing  a beautifully adorned pair of sandals for the ceremony and heels  for the reception.
  • We overlooked a beach, and did photos on the beach. I wore flat sandals. I didn't want to worry about being in heels all night, nor about walking on the sand in heels

  • I'm going barefoot. I can't imagine my beach wedding any other way. And I don't even like flip flops in the sand. I do have a cute pair of blingy flops for the reception though, but that'll be held on an adjacent pool deck

    I'm one of those people who think one's attire should (at least somewhat) reflect the venue. I kind of scratch my head at pics of couples in tuxedos and ball gowns on the beach. If your dress is formal enough you'll look foolish without formal/evening shoes, you might want to rethink things.

    These are mine but with a lower heel (there's no way I'm rolling an ankle after too much tequila). Etsy. She had other cute styles too if you're interested.
  • I think it all depends on you and what you like, I'm not one for following other people's rules or ideas of how something should be. My friends got married on the beach and she wore a gorgeous, more formal gown and he wore a suit and they looked great, nothing seemed foolish at all.

    For example I wear heels every day, I dont even own a pair of flats other than my gym shoes so if I wore flip flops it would look weird and I wouldnt feel comfortable. Best advice is do what suits you and what makes you comfortable!


  • Hi! I actually am going barefoot for the wedding ceremony and 3" heels for the reception. My dress is at a length that i can get away with barefeet for the wedding and still wear a smaller heel without it being too short. You can buy foot jewelry that goes around a toe and then your ankle. If you search google images for soleless bridal footwear you will see them. 

  • My fiance asked for us to get married barefoot on the beach, so both of us will be barefoot. I'm still debating what shoes to wear for the reception, but I'm leaning towards fancy flat sandals since it's a very small reception (and ceremony) and if we'll be dancing then I'll be more comfortable in flats. But I do love a beautiful heel... but since we'll be having our pictures on the beach, I don't imagine heels will be practical for that either. 
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